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About Us

MyWiT is a global leader in mobile device repair and supply chain management solutions. We understand that when it comes to purchasing pre-owned mobile devices, nothing matters more to you than quality and reliability

That’s why we built a state-of-the-art repair facility staffed by highly-trained, experienced technicians, and why we follow rigorous ISO:9001 quality control systems and processes to ensure our repair processes are consistently the best possible. Our refurbishment/repair processes are OEM and carrier certified and our facilities are approved to perform up to Level 3 repairs with most major manufacturers for mobile phones, tablets, modems and netbooks.

We inspect (visually and functionally), clean, test and, in certain cases, recondition devices to meet manufacturer specifications. This fully integrated service model enables us to closely monitor each step in the device repair and replacement life cycle.

MyWiT offers unparalleled support for mobile industry leaders, world-class service for mobile consumers and the ability to recognize, adopt and leverage mobile trends. With operations in four countries, the company’s global team of approximately 1,500 employees are dedicated to delivering the best customer service experience anywhere in the world.




About MyWiT Kids

You wouldn’t give a brand new sports car to a new teen driver – why give an $800+ mobile phone to a kid? MyWiT Kid offers valued-priced tech that’s just right for your new mobile phone lover who may have a case of the dropsies or forgetsies. Same great products, same quality functionality – just a little scuffed and a lot less than manufacturer’s price. And, if it gets lost or broken, no big deal. MyWiT Kid is the practical choice in tech for the youngest members of your family.

Legal Disclaimer:All marks associated with devices listed herein are the property of their respective owners. *The savings calculated for any “up to 60% off” language is based upon the price of new devices and accessories at various retailers.