5 Tips for Buying a Refurbished iPhone®

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5 Tips for Buying a Refurbished iPhone®

You may have thought, “What is a refurbished iPhone?” Does buying a refurbished iPhone mean the quality of your potential future phone may differ from a phone bought directly from the retailer? Simply put, that won’t be the case if you buy from a trusty source—plus you may save a lot of money.


 So, what is a refurbished phone?


A refurbished iPhone is different than a used phone in that a refurbished iPhone is restored to the manufacturer's quality and function as if it were brand new. For instance, MyWiT makes it incredibly easy to save some cash while also getting a quality product.


 Here are some tips to keep in mind for when you’re buying a refurbished iPhone.


  1. Save Money on Like-New Devices

 As previously mentioned, one of the biggest draws to buying a refurbished iPhone is that the product will be like-new condition with a discounted price.


 While there are potentially cheaper options if you were to buy a used phone directly from a seller, you may also get a damaged or defective product, or worst case it may be stolen! Although refurbished iPhones will be slightly more expensive than a used phone, you can rest assured that the extra cost is being put toward labor to ensure that your soon-to-be phone runs properly and without any hitches.


 Ultimately the cost of refurbished iPhones is less than a new phone from a retailer, but you’ll get a device of the same value. What could be better than paying less for a reliable, high-quality product?


  1. Find a Quality Refurbished Apple® iPhone Reviewed by Skilled Technicians

 Purchasing a used phone or buying a device from an untrustworthy source may lead to owning an impaired or buggy device. However, buying a refurbished iPhone, such as a MyWiT device, will be tested for quality assurance by a team of talented and highly-trained technicians who bring an iPhone back to its functional condition.


 MyWiT technicians review all products, both visually and for functionality, then clean, test, and recondition when necessary. MyWiT’s repairs are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and carrier certified.


  1. Make Note of the Return Policy for Your Refurbished iPhone

 If you find yourself in a circumstance where refurbished iPhones has not lived up to your expectations or an unexpected shortcoming occurred, it’s important to make note of the return policy and ensure that you’ll be accommodated.


 MyWiT offers The MyWit Promise, which states that if a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with their refurbished iPhone, they get a full money-back guarantee if returned within 30 days of purchase. As long as a product is returned within that timeframe in the same condition it was purchased in, then you’ll qualify for the return and will receive your refund within 30 days.


That warm and fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing is what happens when you recognize a company that truly cares about customer satisfaction.


  1. Check the Varying Degrees of Physical Appearance for Refurbished iPhones

 Although it’d be ideal to trust a company at face value when it says that it tests its products to ensure they’re functional, it’s unfortunately not always the case.


 MyWiT performs cosmetic grading on its refurbished iPhones and other devices where they review the physical appearance and determine whether it’s in excellent, good, fair, or poor condition.


 Grade 1 stock is any device considered to be in excellent condition, meaning it has little to no marks of use. Grade 2 stock are devices in good condition that will show some signs of use, such as minor scratches or scuffs. Grade 3 stock are fair condition products that have some scratches or marks. None of these products would have cracks, and all would be tested to ensure that they run properly.


  1. Ensure the Refurbished iPhone Performs as Expected

 It only makes sense that these refurbished iPhones have extensive testing done to guarantee that they’re operating properly. After all, you want to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape before buying a refurbished iPhone!


 In addition to looking over a phone’s appearance, MyWiT also performs a 65+ point functional exam on all excellent and good refurbished iPhones. In doing so, they’ll check internal and external functions (such as camera, SIM card, and buttons) to ensure that everything is running smoothly and accurately before the refurbished iPhone.


 While it’s important to keep these tips in mind, it boils down to working with a company that you trust and who you feel has your best interest in mind when looking for a refurbished iPhone. MyWiT wants its customers to walk away with heavier wallets and an overall contentedness over their recent purchase.

July 3, 2017
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