Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones in Bulk

Stack of used and refurbished smart phones.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones in Bulk

There are any number of reasons why a company would need to buy used mobile phones in bulk. Perhaps the company has a large sales force. Or it’s expanding the size of the sales force. Or maybe they’ve decided to shift work that used to be done by hand onto a mobile device. Whatever the reason a company needs to buy used cell phones in bulk, there are benefits to buying refurbished cell phones in bulk.


The growing consumer demand for refurbished phones

Buying refurbished cell phones in bulk is no longer just for small, marginal companies looking to save money. As more individuals and companies have discovered that there are benefits to buying mobile phones at wholesale prices, demand has skyrocketed.


According to research from 2017, the global market for refurbished smartphones increased 13% from the previous year with over 140 million phones sold. At the same time, the market for new smartphones grew just 3%. And while only one in four phones are sold back to the market, only some are refurbished. So the highest-grade refurbished phones are in great demand, and sell quickly. In fact, refurbished smartphones more represent nearly 10% of the total market for smartphones worldwide. [1]


That growth has been somewhat fueled by the slowdown in innovations among smartphones. While phones used to change considerably from year to year, older top of the line smartphones can be comparable in design and features with the most recent mid-range phones. That means the mid to low end market for new smartphones is being cannibalized by older high-end models that have been refurbished. For the most part, these are iPhone® devices and Samsung® Galaxy phones, with both companies together commanding nearly 75% of the market for refurbished phones. [2]


Save Money

One of the most compelling benefits of buying used cell phones in bulk? Saving money, naturally. Because you’re buying a model that’s a couple of years old, you can save money there. And buying in bulk means potentially paying less for every unit. In fact, a refurbished smartphone can cost considerably less than a brand-new phone, even possibly hundreds of dollars less. Those are some pretty big benefits.


And there’s nothing wrong with these phones. Most are turned in simply because they’re last year’s model and the previous owner wanted to upgrade. As the buyer, the benefits to you are enormous. You get a phone that’s fairly indistinguishable from a brand-new phone. Except for a few minor flaws depending on its grade, it’s comparable. If you buy through a reputable reseller that’s in the business of refurbishing phones, you’ll get a phone that has passed inspection and ensures it will be 100% fully functional.


It’s a Better Value

Any savvy buyer knows the benefits of a good deal versus a good price. Anyone can pay less. But what are you getting in return? You can pay less for a mobile phone, but if you’re not getting one you can depend on, you’re just throwing your money away. But when you buy used cell phones in bulk from a reputable reseller, you get high-quality late model phones for less. That’s the definition of a good value. And if you find a reseller you can really trust, that’s worth even more. So you can always have recent model phones that feel like new, rather than shell out money for a phone that starts losing its value the moment you open the box.


Save Time

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits. Saving time, for instance. How? First, by limiting your options. Resellers don’t have the latest models, so you’re not trying to figure out which has every bell and whistle. Since the models they do offer can be a little older, you’ll most likely already know which ones you want. Second, when you buy cell phones at wholesale prices, you can place just one order and have all the phones you need at once. No need to place the same order again and again. Who has time for that when you’re running a business?


Inventory considerations

When you work with a reliable reseller like MyWiT® to buy refurbished cell phones in bulk, you’ll discover even more benefits, like a steady inventory you can depend on. You can rest assured the company has a robust and established supply chain to be able to provide you with a sufficient number of the make and model of the cell phones you need, in the quantities you want. If you ever need more phones suddenly, they’ll be there for you.


Environmentally Friendly

Many consumers today want to know they’re doing business with companies that do good. Buying refurbished cell phones in bulk from a reputable reseller can earn you environmental accolades from consumers. How? By essentially recycling cellphones, you’re helping to keep a lot of them out of landfills. And that means keeping the toxic components out of ground water as well. As the devices degrade, they leech toxic chemicals and heavy metals like beryllium, cadmium, and mercury into the soil and water. When you buy refurbished cell phones in bulk you help protect the environment and give your customers one more reason to do business with you. And, in our opinion, those are some serious benefits.


Enjoy all the benefits of buying refurbished phones in bulk

And there you go. Some of the many ways you can buy refurbished cell phones in bulk and the benefits your company can get from doing so. From increasing your bottom line to protecting the environment. And when you establish an on-going relationship with a reseller, you enjoy even more benefit: a quality product and a reliable supply. When you’re ready to place your next bulk order of smartphones, take a look at refurbished phones. And if you want to get the best refurbished phones, take a look at MyWit.


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November 15, 2018
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