Business to Business Selling

How to Choose the Right Refurbished Phones - Wholesaler

When choosing a wholesaler of refurbished phones, either for a large organization or to resell in your own business, we recommend looking at three areas.

Are Retail Mobile Phone Shops Profitable?

Go to any downtown or large mall in America and you’ll likely come across an independent phone reseller.

How to Make Money Selling Refurbished Phones

One of the best ways to earn extra money is through selling refurbished phones. Making extra money on top of your regular income is always a plus. That kind of income goes a long way to helping to pay off credit cards or take that exotic vacation you've been dreaming about for so long.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones in Bulk

There are any number of reasons why a company would need to buy used mobile phones in bulk.

The Best Place to Buy Refurbished iPhone Devices in Bulk

So, what if you own a business and need to provide an affordable phone to your employees? What if you have a lot of employees? Do you really have the time to buy a brand-new phone for every employee? Can you really afford to buy a brand-new iPhone for every employee? Have you considered buying refurbished iPhones? Have you considered the advantages you get when you buy iPhones in bulk? Have you considered the cost savings?