Difference between Repaired and Refurbished Phones

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Difference between Repaired and Refurbished Phones

If you want to buy a used phone, you may have come across the terms repaired phones and refurbished phones. You can find high quality repaired or refurbished iPhone® models and Samsung® phones, if you’re looking for them through a reputable source. But how exactly does a repaired device differ from a refurbished smartphone?

Repaired Phones

Perhaps it’s a bit obvious from the term, but a repaired phone is one that was broken or had issues and was fixed up (hence repaired). Although it was repaired, it may not be under warranty and it also might not be clean from a previous owners data, as well as clean from germs and other grime. Often times consumers opt for replacing damaged phones rather than repairing them since new models come out very regularly.

Refurbished Phones

Refurbished smartphones may or may not have been previously owned, and if you end up buying refurbished phones, there’s a chance that you’ll get a warranty (or money-back guarantee) with it. Refurbished smartphones are different than repaired devices in that they aren’t necessarily damaged. However, if there is a defect or damage to a refurbished iPhone or refurbished Samsung phone, they’ll be repaired as needed. If there is no damage to a refurbished iPhone or refurbished Samsung phone, then diagnostics and quality assurance tests are run to ensure that these refurbished smartphones function as if they were from the manufacturer. Refurbished phones are often (but not always) cleaned so that they look practically new.

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

There are also many benefits to buying refurbished smartphones, especially from a company like MyWiT®, a trusted source for refurbished iPhone models and refurbished Samsung phones.


If you buy refurbished phones,  you’ll undoubtedly save money—that’s one of the biggest perks to purchasing refurbished smartphones. These refurbished phones are less expensive than purchasing a new phone from the retailer, but without sacrificing quality. Since you’re getting name brands, like a refurbished iPhone or a refurbished Samsung phone, it’s not necessarily as inexpensive as non-name brand refurbished smartphones, but it’s still cheaper than what you’d get if you purchased a new phone in a store.


Finding a trusted source for your refurbished smartphones, like MyWiT, will save you tons of time and energy. With MyWiT, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality refurbished Samsung phones and refurbished iPhone devices. And if you need help or aren’t completely satisfied with your refurbished phones, you can always contact contact MyWiT for assistance.

Financial Savviness

If you’re purchasing refurbished phones, then you’re already shopping smarter because you’re saving money and making an informed decision. Finding refurbished smartphones from a source you trust, shows that you’ve found an avenue to buy used cell phones that are like new but less expensive. What could be better than getting that sort of deal? MyWiT ensures that its refurbished smartphones are quality tested by expert technicians and that the process involves original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. MyWit has a large collection of refurbished iPhone models and refurbished Samsung phones, too, which means you have plenty of refurbished smartphones to choose from. MyWiT offers incomparable support for its refurbished phones, operating in four countries to provide optimal customer support. On top of that, they study and follow trends in the digital world to stay up-to-date and adapt their processes as needed. Buying a used iPhone or other used smartphone from MyWiT is the best choice you can make for your “new” refurbished smartphone.

August 31, 2018
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