Help me fix my iPhone

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Help me fix my iPhone

There’s no doubt we love our phones. Look around on any street corner, any elevator, even in restaurants and you’ll see dozens of people, sometimes everyone, staring at their phone.


Fix an iPhone that won’t turn off

Equally upsetting as a phone that won’t turn on, is when your iPhone won’t turn off. In that case, execute a “Force Quit” by holding down both the home button and the on/off button for five seconds until the Apple logo appears. That’s usually all the help you need, so your iPhone should power on and off as usual. But if it happens again and your iPhone won’t turn off, get more help for your iPhone at a Genius Bar, since it could be a sign of a more serious issue. Better to find out now, then to get an unpleasant surprise later.


Wi-fi related issues

Happens all the time. Suddenly you realize that you haven’t gotten an email or a text in hours and that just can’t be right. Then you notice the cause – the Wi-Fi on your iPhone isn’t working properly.


Again, always start with the quick fix and check your settings to make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. If it is, but you’re still not getting a connection, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it. The first thing you can do is turn the iPhone off and on again. That usually clears the problem. But if your iPhone is stubborn and that doesn’t help, you’re going to have to try and reset the settings on the phone. Press down both the home button and the on/off button at the same time and hold.


On the other hand, maybe your problem is more specific – you can’t connect to one network. In that case you have to force your iPhone to forget that network. You can do that with the following steps:


  • Open Settings
  • Choose the network name
  • Choose Forget on the following screen
  • Power off and on again
  • Reconnect to Wi-Fi


iPhone camera not working

Have you ever tried to take a photo only to discover your iPhone camera not working? Well, there’s a feature on the iPhone that can help by allowing you to turn your camera off. It’s called Restrictions. Sometimes, as we know, buttons have a way of turning themselves on. So if you’re trying to take a photo or video and nothing happens, don’t hurl your iPhone in frustration. Take a deep breath and check to see if Restrictions is on. You can do this by:


  • Go to Settings > General > Restrictions
  • Make sure “Allow Camera” option is on
  • You may also want to press Disable Restrictions


Now, if your iPhone camera is still not working, don’t worry. There are still things that can help to fix it. Go back to a simple fix first. Turn the iPhone off and on, the way we described earlier, or reset it by holding down the home button and the on-off button at the same time.


If your camera still refuses to work, you may need more help. You will need to fix your iPhone by backing it up and restoring it to factory settings using iTunes®. You can do this by:


  • Open iTunes on the computer you use to back up your iPhone
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable
  • Select your device when it appears in iTunes
  • Select Restore Backup
  • Choose the most recent backup
  • Click Restore
  • Sync your iPhone to your computer by leaving it connected after it restarts


Now, if after all that, your camera still refuses to work, you could be looking at a hardware problem in the camera. If that’s the case, your only option is to take the phone to your nearest Genius Bar. If there isn’t one near you, call Apple and find out how they can help your iPhone.


Siri® doesn’t work

Once you start using Siri, it’s hard to function without her help. So if Siri doesn’t work, you notice. To get Siri working again, start simple – clean the microphone on the bottom of your phone. Yes, that happens. And yes, it can help.


If that doesn’t fix Siri, turn Siri on and off. Do that by going to Settings > General > Turn Siri off. Then wait 30 seconds and turn her back on.


If Siri still doesn’t work, you’ll have to reset the network since Siri runs off your data. You can reset your network by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


Now, should that fail to work there’s still one last fix you can try. You’ll have to reset your iPhone. The good news is that resetting your device will return the device to factory settings without affecting any of your data. You can do it by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


Repair or replace?

When your iPhone is acting up, you have a decision to make. Is a quick fix all you need? Something you can live with? Or is it a sign of a much bigger issue? A sign that maybe your precious iPhone won’t be with you much longer.


At that point, you have a choice. You can try and get help to fix your iPhone, potentially spending money on a phone that may never be the same. Or you can bite the bullet and buy a new phone.


Now, savvy phone buyers know those are not your only two options. You do have a third option – buying a refurbished iPhone from MyWiT®. It’s an economical way to get a reliable phone, one that allows you to avoid the potentially enormous cost of a new phone and throwing money into a dying one. Plus, you can explore all the iPhone options available on the MyWiT site. So, go ahead. It doesn’t cost anything to look!


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January 11, 2019
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