2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Buying Refurbished Electronics with Confidence

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Buying Refurbished Electronics with Confidence

Some studies estimate that the average American adult spends as much as three hours on their mobile device each day. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, it can be difficult to go wrong with a mobile phone upgrade. There are few gifts that someone will use more often than a mobile phone. You could avoid the risk of your gift living in a bottom drawer.


Whether it’s someone unable or unwilling to spend money on an upgrade, an accident-prone friend who desperately needs a new device, or an elderly relative who could benefit from the apps and features of a modern machine, a refurbished phone or tablet is a pretty amazing gift. It can be more affordable than buying brand new, too.


Finding the right device

Buying a cheap phone is often a false economy. It won’t do everything. Or it will, only slowly and not particularly well. This is not a great combination for impatient young people or older people starting out with a smart device.


The best kit usually comes at a price. This increases the risk taken by those who buy ‘used’ because purchasers of used devices have no idea how well they will work. Their recourse can be limited, depending on how and where the items were bought. Typically, there is no way to be sure that the device will be as advertised, cleaned, and wiped of data.


That’s where MyWiT® can help. Our range of refurbished phones and devices allows you to get better devices with confidence and at a lower cost. With a ‘refurbished’ device from a reputable dealer such as MyWiT, you get a top-quality device that has been graded, cleaned, data wiped and, if required, repaired. And it's possible to get all this at a more affordable price than buying brand new. You can also look forward to a great returns policy on the rare occasion that something does go wrong.


How our process gives you confidence

First of all, we clean all of our devices and grade them based on how their cosmetic integrity. This doesn’t bear any relation to the internal workings of the phones. All our phones and devices for sale work as they should. Our grading allows you to buy the right cosmetic quality level for you, the receiver of a gift, or a customer. Your accident-prone friend, for example, probably won’t mind a few scratches if you can provide a great phone that works. This means even more savings for you but with the confidence that the device will work as intended.


All of our phones go through a 65+ point check. And our qualified and experienced engineers repair them using original OEM parts.


Buying a refurbished phone can be a much safer bet than buying used phones in private ads or online. Our simple returns policy gives you the confidence that your gift will work as it should and provide many hours of use by your grateful recipient.


MyWiT refurbished devices let you buy electronic devices with confidence. Whether you are buying a gift or replenishing your inventory to resell, refurbished phones give you the quality and reliability you need and more affordably.


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December 10, 2019
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