How Do I Take High-Quality Photos with My iPhone® 11?

How Do I Take High-Quality Photos with My iPhone® 11?
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How Do I Take High-Quality Photos with My iPhone® 11?

April 2021

How Do I Take High-Quality Photos with My iPhone® 11? 


The iPhone 11 may have moved over to make way for the new iPhone 12, but that doesn't mean it no longer packs a punch when it comes to the camera. With many iPhone 11 owners reluctant to splash out on the upgrade, they want to make the best of what they've already got. 


It’s never been easier to take beautiful photographs, but the iPhone 11 makes it even easier to produce something high-quality. All it takes is knowing a few tips and tricks, and you'll be snapping away like a professional. Here are our favorite iPhone 11 camera features.



Superior Selfies


The front-facing camera of the iPhone 11 has 12 megapixels. However, it doesn't mean that you get a 12-megapixel quality photo with every shot. When you take a selfie, your iPhone defaults to 7 megapixels. To change this to the full 12, simply tap the "expand" button to zoom out. When you snap your photo, it'll use 12 megapixels.



Widen Out Your Shots


The iPhone 11 has an ultra-wide back-facing camera allowing you to pack a whole lot more into your shot. This feature is perfect for taking scenic shots or shots that have a lot going on. All you must do to use this setting is tap the 1x button and select the 0.5x ultra-wide lens. On the iPhone 11 Pro, there's the option to just press 0.5x.



Video and Photo in One


The "Quicktake®" feature is quite useful. It lets you take a photo and a video in one go. This feature works on both front and back-facing cameras. Simply hold down the shutter button, and it'll start recording the video. While the video is rolling, you can press the shutter button to take still images. 



Burst Shot


If you've got some fast-moving action going on in front of you, the best thing to do is take a series of quick shots in succession. It's the best way to get that perfect in-motion shot. The iPhone 11's burst shot function lets you do exactly that.


Swipe the shutter button to the left, and it'll activate the burst shot. A counter will let you know how many shots you've captured while you're swiping. 



Portrait Mode


Most of the photos we take are of other people or selfies. Apple® has finely tuned its portrait mode to help you capture beautiful, studio-quality shots of people.


It achieves this by upping the detail and clarity of the foreground subject while blurring and softening what's in the background. While you're preparing the shot, the iPhone will also guide you by giving suggestions on what best to do. Additionally, you can swipe through different lighting options to further enhance your subject.



Night Mode


Low-light photos have long been the hardest to master. The iPhone 11 has overcome this with its automatic Night Mode function. When the camera detects low light levels, it'll switch to night mode allowing you to take great photos despite the conditions.


All you need to do is observe the counter that appears next to the Night Mode icon. This is how long you must keep the phone steady and in place before the shot is complete.

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April 20, 2021
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