How to Check If an iPhone® is Authentic

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How to Check If an iPhone® is Authentic

With increasing numbers of iPhone® fakes floating around the market, it’s wise to learn how to check if an iPhone is authentic. The popularity of the iPhone X has made it a target for scammers. It wasn’t long before fake iPhone X devices flooded the marketplace.


Being high-end devices, you want to be sure to check that an iPhone is authentic, whether you own it or you are thinking about purchasing one. We understand your concern. We’re concerned, too. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you tell a fake iPhone from an authentic iPhone. Here are four ways to do so from visual cues alone.


Four Ways to Check Your iPhone X is Authentic

At first glance, a fake iPhone can look convincing. But if you know where to look - and our inspectors do - you can see signs that warn you not to invest your time or money.


    1. Check the bezel around the notch:

The bezel is the border around the screen and the phone’s frame. The notch is the part of the iPhone X that contains the top speaker, the front-facing camera, sensors, and facial recognition tech.

Look carefully at an image of a true iPhone and see if the bezel around the notch matches.

    1. Check the relationship between the screen and the bezel:

One of the selling points of the iPhone X is how great the screen is. The design effectively makes the most of the front of the phone. There is very little bezel around the iPhone display.

You may be able to spot a clone by looking for a bezel that’s too thick, whether at the top of the phone or the bottom.

    1. Look closely at the flash module:

This is on the back of the phone, generating light for photography, videos, and more. If the module has two shades of color - it may be speckled - this is a sign that your iPhone is authentic.

    1. Finally, look for text under the iPhone branding on the back:

Text in this location is a strong sign of a scam. This is a common error and a simple one, so please don’t get caught by this.


Our inspection team performs a rigorous multi-point inspection on all refurbished devices. In the process of making sure the phones are in full working order, we easily spot any clones and deal with them accordingly. Some tells are easy to pick up, while others can be subtle. Fortunately, our inspectors have experience and training to help them ensure the originality of devices.


When you buy your refurbished phone from MyWit®, you can rely on us to inspect it and confirm that it works and is not a clone. Get in touch with us to buy a refurbished iPhone X with confidence.


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November 6, 2020
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