How to Choose the Right Refurbished Phones - Wholesaler

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How to Choose the Right Refurbished Phones - Wholesaler

When choosing a wholesaler of refurbished phones, either for a large organization or to resell in your own business, we recommend looking at three areas.


  1. Quantity and price
  2. Reliability and quality
  3. Customer service and location of reseller


Quantity and price

At MyWiT®, our simple grading system makes the condition our devices clear. This will allow you to tailor your order to the price point that best suits your needs or the needs of your customers. Our prices reflect our grading.


Whether we grade our devices as new or with some cosmetic signs of wear, they all go through the rigorous testing and cleaning process that makes MyWiT devices the best choice for you.


As a business, you’ll be eligible for discounts available only to our wholesale customers. With over 1 million devices sold, we are happy to sell in bulk and look forward to filling your order, however small or large. We’re confident we can both fulfill your volume requirements and accommodate your price point. You can get in touch today to move things forward through our partner program.


Reliability and quality

You need the devices supplied to you to be reliable, whether you are reselling or using them to equip an organization. The last thing you want is devices that will break and require return and repair.


At MyWiT, reliability and quality are paramount. We are one of the only US companies that is OEM-certified to repair phones, tablets, and other handheld devices. This means we have a relationship with the original manufacturers and meet their strict requirements. We repair with original components wherever possible.


Rest assured that we check and test everything. Only about one in four devices makes it through our strict 65+ point checks. Our thorough process aims to make sure that devices are working properly and that they will continue to operate as they should.


Customer service and location of reseller

Customer service matters to us. While you are unlikely to be returning any devices to MyWiT, given our strict quality control process, some customers may need to return a device. Using a domestic wholesaler will make the whole process easier and quicker.


MyWiT has been supplying the market for years. We source nearly all of our phones from the US and thoroughly inspect and ship them from here too. If you have a problem, come straight to us. We aim to sort out any problems with a quick turnaround.


We want to have an ongoing relationship with our customers. In our experience, that comes from providing a quality and responsive service. We don’t supply cheap devices that may or may not work. We want our resellers to succeed and business customers to return time and time again. And so quality products and quality service are at the heart of how we do things. Join our partner program today and put our skills to work for you.

October 25, 2019
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