How to Keep Your Storage Low on Your Used Cell Phones

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How to Keep Your Storage Low on Your Used Cell Phones

Keeping low storage on phones is important because it will keep them running efficiently and smoothly. Not having enough storage on used cell phones may lead to lagging and slowing down your software. Running out of space is unnecessarily stressful and easily avoidable. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to keep the storage low on your used phone..

Ways of Keeping Storage down on Used Smartphones

There are many ways of keeping the storage low on your used cell phones. This can range from expanding your used phones’ storage to just deleting items off them.

Delete Unused Apps from Used Smartphones

A lot of used cell phones come with around 16 GB of storage space, which isn’t really as much as it might seem. Often we may download a new app that’d be perfect for our used smartphones, but then we forget it’s on there and it ends up just taking up unnecessary space instead. It’s always a good idea to occasionally go through our used phones and purge them of any unused apps.

Delete Excess Photos and Videos from Used Phones

It’s always great to see the high-quality photos and videos our used cell phones can take. And, maybe sometimes we can get a little carried away with snapping one too many photos. Those extra images and videos will end up taking up too much space on our used cell phones. It’s a good idea to store the ones you want to keep somewhere other than your used smartphones and delete most of them from the device once stored.

Don’t Save Music, Movies, or Other Large Files from Used Smartphones

Movies, music, and other large files can severely slow your used phones down. While it may seem convenient to listen to whatever music you’re craving or watch your favorite movie while traveling on your used smartphones, it’s not always practical. It makes most sense to keep these types of files on a tablet or computer rather than on refurbished phones.

Back up Files from Used Cell Phones

Since much of saving storage on our used smartphones requires deleting excessive photos, images, and other files from them, it’s important to ensure that these files are backed up somewhere so they don’t get lost forever. Here are a few places where you upload files from your used cell phones to keep your files safe.


iCloud is a way to keep all Apple products synced, including, of course, your refurbished cell phones, tablets, and any other devices. By connecting your used phones and other devices to iCloud, you can store your files on “the cloud.” In this way, your files stay safe but aren’t taking up space on your used smartphones and other devices.

Google Drive

Similar to iCloud, Google Drive is another cloud-based system that’ll keep files from your used cell phones and other devices safe and not cluttering up your space. For instance, there’s Google Photos where you can transfer photos from your used smartphones over to this storage spot. It has a lot more space to take advantage of than the used phones, so it’s a helpful solution.


For when you need to move huge chunks of files and programs from your used cell phones, you can use Dropbox. It’s another cloud-based storage system, and it’ll keep your used phones’ files in an easily accessible spot.

Useful Apps that Help in Clearing Used Smartphones Storage

There are apps that can aid you in cleaning up your used phones when it’s a bit too difficult to figure out what exactly is slowing them down. Here are a few trusty ones that many consider are worth downloading to your used smartphones.

SD Maid

SD Maid is great for used phones, keeping them clean and running smoothly. The app browses the entirety of your used smartphones, deleting any unnecessary and duplicated files, such as files from uninstalled apps, and then it optimizes the databases.

1-Tap Cleaner

This popular app cleans up caches, history, call and text logs, defaults, and the SD on your used cell phones. It works in an efficient way to ensure that your used smartphones will function properly.

Clean Master

Not only is Clean Master an app that’ll clean up space from your used phones, but it’ll also do a virus check. It’ll hide and encrypt photos on your used cell phones as well. Which makes your used phones safer from an antivirus aspect.

With so many different options for keeping storage low, including various apps and cloud storage, it’s almost easy to keep your used smartphones running efficiently. MyWiT’s refurbished smartphones are tested for quality and effectiveness. Once you buy one of their used phones, the most important goal is to keep it running as smoothly as it did at the point of purchase.

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November 15, 2017
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