How to Remove a SIM from a Samsung® Galaxy®

SIM Card being removed from pre-owned mobile phone.
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How to Remove a SIM from a Samsung® Galaxy®

If you're having problems with your SIM card or you just want to swap it out for another carrier’s SIM, you need to be able to access the SIM card tray of your smartphone. You might also need to remove your SIM card from your smartphone before you sell it, allowing you to retain your phone number and protect your information.


Smartphones have evolved over the years, and SIM card sizes and the means of accessing them vary. Rather than take a risk with your smartphone and accidentally damage your device, it's wise to learn how to remove your SIM safely. Here’s how to remove your SIM from a Samsung® Galaxy®.


How to Remove Your SIM Card from a Samsung Galaxy S® or Samsung Galaxy S2®

If you're using a Galaxy s or a Galaxy S2, your SIM card will be a full-size, standard version. To access your SIM card, you'll need to remove the back cover. Before doing this, we recommend that you power off your device.


Then, slide your fingernail into the notch to help you lift the back cover. Once you've done this, you'll see that the SIM card is above the battery.


Don't just try to pull it out. It is held in position by an aluminum clip. Be careful not to damage the clip. Pull or slide the card out as carefully as you can. You may be able to do so by pressing down on the card at the same time as sliding it out.


How to Remove Your SIM Card from a Samsung Galaxy S3®

The Galaxy S3 uses a smaller SIM card known as a micro-SIM. While you remove this kind of SIM in a similar way as you would a standard SIM from a Galaxy S or a Galaxy S2, it's trickier. You'll probably find it easier to do the next step if you remove the battery first.


Once you've removed the battery, you will see that a small portion of the micro SIM is sticking out from its holder. If you push it in gently, it will click. This signals that you have released it, allowing you to pull it free. 


Replacing a SIM in a Samsung Galaxy

To replace a SIM card, just follow these directions in reverse. Use the picture of the SIM card to help you put it in the correct way up and facing the correct direction. The text should face up and the notch should stick out. When you replace the battery, make sure the metal strips on the battery line up with the metal components in the device.


Now you know how to remove your SIM card from your Galaxy device. Whichever Galaxy smartphone you have, you should now be able to keep the information on your SIM safe by removing it when you need to. And you can prepare your phone for resale without risk of unnecessarily damaging your device.


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November 30, 2020
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