How to Sync Contacts Using Android

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How to Sync Contacts Using Android

Having a new phone is great but having to set it up can feel like a traumatic experience. Google®, as you may imagine, is aware of this problem. The Google OS makes setting up a new phone as painless as possible by allowing you to sync contacts.


Transferring contacts used to be a nightmare in the past, but it is now relatively painless. Whether you want to know how to transfer contacts from AndroidTM to Android, iPhone® to Android, or from another device to Android, we have the information you need. No tears. Just your contacts synced to your new device and then you're ready to play. Read on to discover how to transfer contacts from Android to Android and more.



Transferring / Syncing Contacts

If you have your Android phone, you're going to benefit from having a Gmail® account. You'll need this for syncing contacts. And it's going to improve the functionality of your phone anyhow.



How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

To transfer contacts from Android to Android, go to “settings” on your old Android phone. From here, select “accounts” and then choose “Google.”


At this point, you should see that you have a choice of items to sync. Choose “contacts.” You can also choose other things that you would like to transfer. 


The next step is to check “sync now.” This will transfer your data to Google service in preparation for the next part of the process.


Start up your new Android phone. It will ask you for your Google account information. Sign in and your Android is designed to sync contacts and any other data that you've selected automatically. If this isn't the first time you've started your phone, you may need to go to “accounts and sync.” From here, you can add your Google account manually and the process is otherwise the same.



How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Google has made it easy for you to switch from an iPhone system to an Android system, too. Starting with your iPhone, go to “settings,” choose “iCloud®,” then switch on “contacts.” It may be on already. It means that your contacts are backed up on iCloud.


Next, return to “settings” and choose “mail, contacts, calendars.” Then choose your Gmail account or select an account to add it manually. 


When you turn on your Android phone, it should sync automatically. Otherwise, follow the on-screen instructions to sync your contacts manually.



If you don't have an iPhone or an Android device, you should still be able to sync your contacts to Android in a similar way. If you can't get it to work, however, try exporting your contacts into a vcard file or a CSV. If you do this, you can sync your contacts by opening up your Gmail account on the new phone and importing the contacts from that file.



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November 9, 2020
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