Keep Your Family Connected During Your Next Vacation

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Keep Your Family Connected During Your Next Vacation

Family vacations are a time to relax, unwind and reconnect. It can also be a good time to practice giving your child some time to themselves.


Giving a child some alone time can help promote self-sufficiency, independence and creativity. And it can give parents a little free time as they build confidence in their child’s ability to care for themselves. But, it can be hard to let your children wander on their own, even your older kids. But, thanks to technology, you can let your kids enjoy some free time, while keeping track of their whereabouts. A smartphone, smartwatch or other device can help you both feel safe and secure. And you’ll always be just a loud shout of “Mom!” away.


Here’s a few ways to keep up with your kids while on vacation.


Purchase them a Refurbished Smartphone

A smartphone is a great option for keeping track of your child. There are number of great apps to help you keep track of your child, both 3rd party and from phone carriers.


Of course, there is the issue of cost. No one wants to give a child or teen an expensive phone they might lose or break. One way to avoid that is to buy a refurbished or used device. You can give your child a refurbished iPhone® or AndroidTM device that has a lot of bells and whistles, but at a lower, more comfortable and more sensible price for a child.


You can look at a few great options here.


  • Smart Watch
  • Small, convenient and wrapped around their wrist, a smart watch could be an easy solution for keeping up with your child.


    While almost as expensive as a smartphone, there are a variety of inexpensive options, like refurbished smartwatches. A refurbished Apple® Watch or Samsung® Gear will have a lot of the same features as a phone and allow your child to contact you quickly. There are also some nifty parental controls and GPS.


    There are also a few cheaper, kid friendly options that start around $50. They may not be as fancy as a “big name” smart watch but will allow you to keep tabs on your kid all the same.


    You can view our current selection here.


  • Portable Rechargeable Batteries
  • If you’re child has a smart device, it would be smart to carry a portable charger just in case.


    It can be difficult to find a place to charge your phone when you’re away from your hotel room. There are a lot of options on the market, but we think the biggest things to consider are battery capacity, size and speed.


    1. Capacity - Get a battery that has the same energy capacity as the battery the device or devices you’re charging. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 3,000 mAh battery, so you’ll want a portable battery with the same capacity. If you’re going to charge an iPhone 7 and an iPad, you’ll want a battery that will be able to do both.
    2. Size – Look for a battery that will fit comfortably in your child’s bag or pocket.
    3. Speed – There are two speeds you’ll have to worry about: how long it takes to charge the battery and how long it takes for your battery to charge your phone, tablet or smart watch. The latter is the most important when you are out on the go.


  • Walkie Talkies
  • The fun, classic kids toy can also be a very convenient and affordable way to keep up with your younger kids on a camping trip or at the beach. While older versions use radio waves, modern options work over wi-fi and/or cellular networks. And, there’s the added bonus of GPS, meaning you can track your kids without having to exchange messages in case of an emergency.


    When it comes to buying a walkie talkie set, look at the distance it will work, whether it’s a convenient size and ease of use. Two of our favorite sets are the Cobra 2-Family Safety Radio Set and the Relay Kids Phone Alternative. Currently priced around $20 on Amazon, the Cobra is a classic walkie talkie that uses radio waves, but has an 8-mile range, is easy to use and lets parents talk with their kids having to accept the incoming signal. The Relay is a small, water-resistance device that works with a smartphone app. It retails for around $49.99 online, plus $9.99/month for service.


Just a call, click or tap away


Like taking your child to their first day of pre-school or kindergarten, it can be difficult to let go and let them explore the world on their own. It’s one of the hardest things for a parent to do. And, while technology isn’t a substitute for the life lessons you teach your child, it can help soften the experience and be a real benefit.


MyWiT® makes technology accessible with affordable tech perfect for children and families. We offer a wide variety of refurbished smartphones, refurbished smartwatches, tablets, cases, and other accessories. For more information, take a look at our selection today.


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May 26, 2019
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