Make the Most of the Alarms on Your Apple Watch

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Make the Most of the Alarms on Your Apple Watch

The congruity between an Apple Watch and iPhone® makes it super easy to do many things by clicking around your wrist. You can check and send messages, track your steps, set alarms, and much more. It’s super handy to be able to check your Apple Watch and get a lot of the same information you could get from your iPhone, all without having to even open your phone.


The alarms on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch are separate[1], which is a great feature that keeps the user in mind. For instance, if your alarm goes off on your iPhone, it won’t also be ringing on your wrist. And if you have your Apple Watch on when the alarm goes off, it’ll ring in the more convenient location rather than on your phone which may or may not be in your hand at that moment.


Let’s focus specifically on the alarms and reminders aspects of your Apple Watch. It’s an underutilized feature on the Apple Watch, and there’s many who still don’t know how to set alarms on their Apple Watch. So if you’re wondering how you can set reminders or maybe play with existing reminders, you’ve come to the right place.


  1. Set reminders
  2. Just ask Siri®. That’s a pretty straightforward and perhaps obvious response, but it’s always helpful to know you can fall back on Siri’s infinite wisdom through your Apple Watch. And luckily, Siri knows your voice and is always on call to help you with everything, even if that’s setting an alarm for the morning (or for after a much-needed nap).


    By pressing the Digital Crown®, you can activate Siri on your Apple Watch. From there, you can tell Siri what reminders and alerts you want on your alarm clock. You can say things like, “Wake me up in 30 minutes,” or “Set alarm for 8 a.m.” It’s an incredibly convenient feature that always seems to come in handy right when you need it.


  3. Set alarms, edit alarms, or disable them.
  4. If you’re unsure how to set alarms on your Apple Watch, here are some quick steps. First, you’ll launch the alarms app and open the “new” alarm feature. Next, click “change time” near the top of the screen to set a fresh alarm. Once you’re finished, you can click “set” to end the process. If you’d like, you can change the name of the alarm on your alarm clock app, which is helpful if you have to wake up at different times and need to differentiate, or you can alter the features to change times.


    If you need to delete the alarm clock on your Apple Watch, you just need to click “delete” toward the bottom of the app. If you’d like to just disable the alarm clock on your Apple Watch, you toggle the “off” switch next to the create alarms button.


  5. Don't forget about Nightstand mode.
  6. The Apple Watch automatically enters Nightstand mode[2] when it’s face-up on a surface and connected to the charger, switching from its normal interface to a large digital clock that fills the entire screen. It’s a handy feature, especially if you’re in the habit of charging your phone while you sleep and then using it as an alarm in the morning. The Apple Watch essentially mimics a traditional alarm clock in that form. If the wristband doesn’t allow for your Apple Watch to sit upright, then you can buy a holding dock to activate the Nightstand mode.


    Nightstand mode will automatically be enabled on your Apple Watch, but if you’d like to disable it, go to Settings, click General, and find Nightstand mode. Once there, you can toggle the feature to off.


  7. Sync your Apple Watch and iPhone alarms.
  8. Unfortunately, if an alarm is set on your iPhone it won’t automatically sync to your Apple Watch and vice versa[3]. However, you will see the push notifications on your Apple Watch from your iPhone. And you can always set or disable alarms on your Apple Watch for whenever it’s needed using the steps above.


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September 6, 2018
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