Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present? Maybe you want to go the classic route and get flowers or jewelry. Or perhaps you’d like to go the new-age technological route and buy refurbished tablets, refurbished phones, or refurbished smartwatches.


Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to consider buying this year:


1. Flowers

Buying flowers for Mother’s Day is a classic gift. It’s tried and true because no one can be disappointed by a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a lovely plant to put in a garden. You can pick up a bouquet at a local grocery store or have them delivered by a local flower shop. It’s hard to go wrong with this timeless classic!


2. Jewelry

If your mother loves to wear jewelry, then this might be another great gift to opt toward. There are tons of Mother’s Day-themed necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more. You can purchase jewelry online or browse a jewelry store or retail outlet for a good find. Whether your mom likes gold or silver, you will be sure to be able to find the perfect item just for her!


3. Refurbished Phones

Instead of going the traditional route, try buying your mother a refurbished phone instead. Refurbished iPhone® models, refurbished Samsung® phones, and other types of refurbished phones could be a fantastic gift, especially if your mother hasn’t had a lot of experience with a smartphone. Refurbished phones can be a great introduction into owning a smartphone, and plus—you’ll save some money buying refurbished iPhones, refurbished Samsung phones, and other refurbished phones rather than going to the retailer and paying full price for a brand new device.


From MyWiT®, you can find refurbished iPhones, like the refurbished iPhone 6, refurbished iPhone 7, used iPhone 6 Plus, used iPhone 6S, refurbished iPhone 6S plus, and refurbished iPhone 7 Plus. You can also find refurbished Samsung phones, like the refurbished Galaxy® S7 and used Galaxy S8. There are also plenty of other refurbished phones to be found in MyWiT’s collection that you can browse.


4. Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished tablets are a great gift to give your mother for Mother’s Day. There’s a lot that you can do with refurbished tablets that you can’t necessarily do with refurbished phones. Due to its larger size, it’s easier to read or play games on refurbished tablets. You can buy your mom a refurbished tablet and load it up with all of her favorite music or movies. Once your mom has a refurbished tablet in her hands she won’t want to put it down!


 MyWiT has refurbished iPads® and other refurbished tablets available.


5. Refurbished Smartwatches

If your mom is looking to get more into exercise or enjoys counting her steps, refurbished smartwatches could be a thoughtful and fun gift for her. You can also text, check your email, respond to calls, and use certain apps with your refurbished smartwatches. There’s so much you can do with refurbished smartwatches that combines aspects of refurbished phones and refurbished tablets to a convenient watch. Refurbished smartwatches are certainly an exciting piece of technology to play around with.


Through MyWiT, you can sometimes find a refurbished Apple Watch and other refurbished smartwatches.




Whether you decide to go the traditional route for Mother’s Day or experiment with refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches, you’ll definitely be able to find something that lands well with your mother. It completely depends on your mother’s personality, but these refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches purchased through MyWiT can save you some money and offer you an opportunity to provide

April 10, 2018
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