Phones for Kids: Top Things for Parents to Consider

Phones for Kids: Top Things for Parents to Consider

Making the decision to buy phones for kids can be overwhelming for many reasons. While you want to find the best cell phone for kids, you also must keep in mind that kids don’t always have the best track record with devices. It also may be a good time to determine if your child is ready for a cell phone, while also considering what features shape your definition of the best cell phone for kids. With the right cell phone, you’ll ensure an open line of communication with your children. Delving into new technology can be scary, but at least you’ll be doing it together.

When it comes to the best cell phone for kids, an unlocked phone might be a helpful place to start. But what exactly does that entail? Well, there are two types: unlocked CDMA phones and unlocked GSM phones. And depending on whether you’re dealing with unlocked CDMA phones or unlocked GSM phones, things will vary, such as the way these phones unlock, how they’re programmed, and the fact that they can only work with a network that has the same technology. While you’re trying to find phones for your kids, these features may play an important role in your decision.

Unlocked CDMA Phones

Unlocked CDMA phones are one of the phones for kids you may be considering when looking for the best cell phones. Instead of requiring SIM cards, unlocked CDMA phones are authorized via assigned serial numbers to operate on specific networks such as Verizon & Sprint. Unlocked CDMA phones also have internal storage and don’t require a card for accessing mobile networks, but they aren’t very flexible. If you’d like to change your unlocked CDMA phones, it may be difficult to transfer data and saved information over to new phones for kids, which might be a major factor to alter your opinion. Unlocked CDMA phones are also mostly useless if you’re traveling internationally—but that probably isn’t a worry with phones for kids.

Unlocked GSM Phones

Unlocked GSM phones, on the other hand, require SIM cards, which depending on where you stand, may be a deal breaker when looking for the best cell phone for kids. These unlocked GSM phones can be used with different carriers (like AT&T and T-Mobile) and come pre-loaded with their own SIM cards, which makes transferring data easy—all you do is move the SIM card into the new phone. Unlocked GSM phones are also a lot easier to use during international travel too!

Phones for Kids: Apps to Consider

When looking for the best cell phone for kids, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many educational—and recreational—opportunities available as apps. Whether you decide on unlocked CDMA phones, unlocked GSM phones, or locked phones, you can let your child explore their imagination and learn while doing so. Buying phones for kids can allow them access to these apps, which can help them learn more about topics they’re already interested in—or ones that are completely new to them. These apps can all be easily loaded onto phones for kids through the Android, Apple, or Google store. Although we do not explicitly endorse the following kid-friendly apps, you may want to further research and consider downloading them for your kids in the future.

Petting Zoo ®

If your child loves animals, this app will greatly improve their phone experience. The app, which can be downloaded onto unlocked CDMA phones, unlocked GSM phones, or locked phones, allows kids to interact with animals, poking and touching the screen to elicit reactions from them. It’s a great add-on to keep in mind while searching for phones for kids. (iOS,Android)

Dinorama ®

For the budding entrepreneurs out there, this app is a must-have for any locked, unlocked GSM phones or unlocked CDMA phones. It puts kids at the helm of their own dino-filled zoo, allowing them to design the zoo, care for the dinosaurs, add new attractions, and receive customer feedback. It’s a fun app to consider while looking for the best cell phone for kids.

Bugs and Buttons 2®

Does your child love math? Then they will probably love Bugs and Buttons 2, and that’ll be a great selling point as you find them the best cell phone for kids. This app takes realistic bugs and lets kids count, sort, identify shapes, apply logic, and much more. It also allows them to track their progress and will adjust based on how they’ve performed. It’s a fun and informative game to add to any locked or unlocked phone. (iOS,Android)

Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island®

For kids who love the outdoors, this app can help them explore it in a whole new way and will really enhance their locked or unlocked phones. Kids can deal with pollution problems, such as cleaning up oil spills or making a wind farm, on their very own island. There are many interactive aspects and missions for them to embark on while using their phone, all while teaching them about some of the world’s biggest pollution problems. If your child is interested in ecology, this app could be a great addition while you look for the best cell phone for kids.

Wee You-Things®

Looking for phones for kids is difficult, but luckily teaching empathy and compassion doesn’t have to be if you include this handy app on their locked, unlocked CDMA phones or unlocked GSM phones. It introduces children to 24 unique characters who share a “You-Thing” that makes them different and urges children to interact with the characters. It’ll be an eye-opening and exciting adventure for them to embark on while you take on finding the best cell phone for kids. (iOS)


Of course, while trying to find the best cell phone for kids, it’s important to keep specific considerations in mind. You want to ensure that the phones you purchase are functional, which is something that MyWiT guarantees with its locked, unlocked GSM phones and unlocked CDMA phones. MyWiT’s phones for kids are all quality tested by expert technicians, and they guarantee a reliable, quality product—especially when it comes to the best smartphone for kids. You’ll be able to purchase phones for your kids that are compatible with all the above-mentioned apps (as well as others), meaning that you’ll have unlocked GSM phones and unlocked CDMA phones that can stand up to any retailer’s model.


Of course, cost is always a consideration, which is why looking at unlocked phones for sale is such a great idea. The cost can be a lot less than if you purchase from the manufacturer directly, which is a relief when looking at phones for your kids and recognizing that they might lose or break them.

MyWiT Kids provides a best cell phone for kids’ collection that ranges from unlocked phones for sales to most models of iPhone. These phones for kids are a little scuffed in appearance, but are unlocked GSM phones and unlocked CDMA phones, which have the full functionality of the retail models. In the same way that you may not want to purchase a new car for your recently licensed teen, MyWiT provides the best cell phone for kids to test drive so that if they’re lost, dropped, or broken, it won’t be as big of a hit on your wallet. It’s a reliable resource when searching for phones for kids.

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August 7, 2018
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