Should I Buy a Refurbished Phone?

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Should I Buy a Refurbished Phone?

For those considering buying a new phone, you might also be thinking you want to buy a refurbished phone. The process behind looking for a new device should not be stressful—though it often can be, especially because the price of phones only seems to be increasing as new models are created. Often the newly updated products don’t even have drastic differences, which is why a refurbished phone could be your best bet.


There are a lot of reasons that people consider when choosing to buy a refurbished phone rather than new from a retailer, such as the cost, quality, and warranty. When it comes down to it, you’ll need to determine why you’re even in the market for a refurbished phone. Perhaps you’re looking to buy a refurbished phone for your child who you suspect might drop or damage the phone. Maybe you just don’t want to spend too much money on something that may soon be replaced by a newer model. It may be you’re just partial to an older model phone and don’t want to let it go quite yet. All of these reasons, and many more, are great reasons to get a refurbished phone.


Here are some things to keep in mind while you shop and if you’ve wondered to yourself, “Should I buy a refurbished phone, or not?”


What Is a Refurbished Phone?

If you’re in the market for a new phone, you may have come across refurbished phones in your research. And perhaps your first thought was, “What does “refurbished phone” really mean?”


A refurbished phone is a used mobile device that has been restored (and repaired if necessary) to manufacturer quality. Sometimes these devices have slight cosmetic damage, like small dents, scratches, or other types of wear and tear. Once the phones are received by companies that sell refurbished phones, they’re sent to factories to be cleaned, tested, and repaired as needed. Then they are typically sold at a lower price than what they retail new for. You should be able to find a certified refurbished phone that’s connected to manufacturers such as Samsung® and Apple®, too.


Advantages of Getting a Refurbished Phone

There may be multiple advantages when you buy a refurbished phone, such as cost, quality, and warranties that are available. And to amplify these perks, is the fact that there isn’t a huge difference between new devices and older models anyway, so a refurbished phone should offer you a similar quality product frequently at a better price.


Let’s explore a bit more about these areas and see how these benefits outweigh purchasing a retail device at full price.


Cost Savings

The most lauded perk when you buy a refurbished phone is that you’ll save money on it as opposed to going to the store and getting a brand new device. With a refurbished phone, it may be slightly outdated (often with little difference between it and the newest release) but saving some money should make up for it. Who doesn’t love that?



When buying a used product, you may worry that the quality of the phone will vary drastically from a new product. Luckily, that’s not the case with some refurbished phone sellers. Depending on who you buy it from, often a refurbished phone is sent to a facility to ensure that it is 100% fully functional (repaired as needed) and cleaned so the exterior damage is minimized. Once they’re fixed up, the refurbished phone then operates 100% fully functional. Through a trusted source, such as MyWiT®, you should expect to find experienced, reliable technicians who will inspect, condition, and repair (as needed) all refurbished products and then clean and grade them before sending them your way. MyWiT’s highly-trained specialists follow the strict ISO:9001 quality control systems and processes in their refurbishing process, so you can rest assured that your device should arrive in tip-top shape.


What You Should Know About Warranties on Refurbished Phones

When you buy a refurbished phone, it often has a good warranty, too. It’s normal to expect a 30-day return policy as standard, and companies such as MyWiT prioritize their customers and want to ensure that they’re 100 percent satisfied with their refurbished phone and other products. In fact, MyWiT stands behind their process so much, they actually offer a 90-day money back promise!


Find and Buy a Refurbished Phone with Confidence

The most important aspect of finding the perfect refurbished phone for your needs is connecting with a company that you trust and has your back, such as MyWiT. MyWiT sends all its refurbished products to its highly trained team of technicians where they repair it, ensure that it is up to industry standards, and clean it, so you buy a refurbished phone that performs like-new.


What’s better than buying a refurbished phone through a company that will provide you a quality product at a lower rate than that of a new device? Not much! That’s the key to finding your confidence in the purchasing process and should alleviate all the stress that comes with the search.

September 6, 2018
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