Should I Buy a Smartwatch Now or Wait?

Should I Buy a Smartwatch Now or Wait?

Tech nearly always gets better over time. There’s always a reason to wait for the next evolution of a technology. If you want a smartwatch, however, current tech and prices make buying now compelling. The tech will get better in the future, but the most recent generations are already full of the features people most want.


Why Smart Watches?

In some ways, smartwatches are the next logical step in personal electronics. Computing has transformed big boxes that sat on desks, to laptops, tablets, smartphones and now, through miniaturization, watches.


Feature sets and software are better than ever. Smartwatches are now at the stage where you can have a two-way conversation, read the news, read and reply to messages, play music, and even remotely control your car or house through applications. All this from a small piece of tech on your wrist.


That might all sound a bit gimmicky, smartwatches are becoming more common and more necessary. They had a very high level of convenience for busy people. The info you want is right there on your wrist. No more finding your phone, taking it out, unlocking it, and then putting it safely away when you’re done. A smartwatch will provide many functions accessible with a quick arm movement.


Three of the most useful Smart Watch features include:

  1. the ability to screen unimportant calls and texts,
  2. compare prices on the go,
  3. and having GPS on your wrist. Navigating an unfamiliar place simply by looking at your watch takes some beating!


The first generation of Smartwatches was focused on health and wellbeing. This aspect has improved with more accurate pedometers, and sleep and heart monitors to help you plan and measure your health and wellbeing. Water resistant Smartwatches are great for swimming and other water sports.


There’s now a huge variety of designs and looks. You’ll find everything from the high-tech rectangle designs to classic round faces that look like more traditional watches. There’s bound to be a style that suits you.


Shopping Recommendations

Consider all that functionality and then look at the prices they command these days. While the first generation was expensive, it’s possible to get a smartwatch from unknown brands for around $100 at the moment.


We would not recommend going cheaper than that new. And we wouldn’t suggest that you buy unbranded quite yet. Reportedly, you’d be more likely to come across software glitches or find that the operation of the device is unpolished. At the very bottom of the market, smartwatches may not have access to app stores, are likely to be slow, and could have poor battery life relative to higher-end smartwatches.


High-quality refurbished smartwatches can provide the tech you want with huge savings on retail prices. A major retailer like us will be able to sell you pre-owned, refurbished products you want at prices you can afford.


We’re going to come straight out and say it. There’s never been a better time to buy a smartwatch. If you want one now, there’s no compelling reason to wait.

February 4, 2020
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