The 15 Best Apps Right Now to Plan Your Spring Break

Using smartphone to plan spring break getaway.
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The 15 Best Apps Right Now to Plan Your Spring Break

It’s been a long winter. But Spring Break has been waiting for you like a light at the end of a long, dark and chilly tunnel.


Here’s a set of free apps that will help you make the most of your vacation. So, whether you’re taking a break from your studies, enjoying some time off with the family or just flying solo, everything you need to enjoy the perfect getaway is in the palm of your hand.


Getting a Flight

Skyscanner®– Skyscanner compares thousands of airlines to get you the best deal on domestic flights. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the “Explore Everywhere” option to see the best deals for global destinations. (iOS®, Android TM)


Hopper®– Sometimes getting an inexpensive flight is all about timing. Hopper can help by mapping out a year’s worth of travel dates and prices. Sign up for price change alerts to make sure you get the best deal possible. (iOS, Android)


Skiplagged®– Skiplagged gets you hip to a little-known loophole they call “hidden city ticketing.” Basically, you’ll book a flight for one city, but get off in a layover location, saving money in the process. Just don’t check your luggage! It will end up at the final destination. (iOS, Android)


Booking a Room

Airbnb®– An alternative to hotel rooms, Airbnb offers an abundance of places to stay, from houses to apartments to spare bedrooms. Pro Tip: Save money on restaurants by shopping in local markets and eating a few meals at “home.” (iOS, Android)


HotelTonightTM– Hotel Tonight offers heavily discounted rates on hotel rooms the day you need it. If you’ve got a flexible schedule or if you’ve waited until the last minute, you can still get a great room at a great price. (iOS, Android)


Roomlia®– Roomlia aims to take the work out of booking a room. The app streamlines the booking process by linking you directly to discounted hotel rooms, allowing you to book with as few swipes and taps as possible. (iOS, Android)


Getting to the Good Stuff


Roadtrippers®– If you’re driving to your vacation destination, consider using Roadtrippers. The app encourages you to discover unusual places along your route, including great restaurants, motels and hotels, parks, roadside attractions and more. (iOS, Android)


Maps.Me® – Maps.Me is a navigation app that not only helps you get from point A to point B, but also includes a huge database of various points of interest. Download the maps for offline viewing if you’re away from Wi-Fi or don’t want to use data. (iOS, Android)


Lonely Planet® – Lonely Planet has made decades of travel knowledge available to you in one convenient app. It’s packed with tips and advice that will lead you to world-famous attractions as well as local favorites. (iOS, Android)


Camino® – Camino offers self-guided walking tours curated by locals and travel experts. Experience the best restaurants, attractions, shops and other hidden gems on foot. You can even choose themes like pet-friendly tours, stuff for kids or a whiskey-sipping tour. (iOS)


Helpful Extras

TripIt® – Keep you and your travel companions organized with TripIT. The app will scan your email for reservation info, including confirmation emails, flight details, rental car info, hotel address and more, and create a streamlined itinerary for your trip. (iOS, Android)


PackPointTM– PackPoint will help you pack your suitcase based on information like the length of your trip, weather and the activities you have planned. Share your packing list with your crew so they’ll know what to pack, too. (iOS, Android)


NoonlightTM– Traveling can be fun, but getting out of your comfort zone requires a little extra caution. Stay safe wherever you happen to roam with Noonlight. The app will call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency and let them know your location and information discreetly. (iOS, Android)


ServiceTM – Even the biggest travel buff can’t keep up with every discount. Service can help you save by scanning your flight and hotel information to rack up greater savings. And, if your flight is delayed or cancelled, the app will file claims on your behalf. (iOS, Android)


Life360®– Staying connected to your family and friends while on vacation can be a challenge. Life 360 makes it easy. Just open the app to instantly see where everyone in your crew is located. (iOS, Android)



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March 18, 2019
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