The Best Free Apps for Finding Restaurants on Vacation

The Best Free Apps for Finding Restaurants on Vacation

From fried ravioli in St. Louis to deep fried worms in China, food is an important part of the traveling experience. But, how do you know which places are the best? While AROMA at the Palazza Manfredi across the street from the Colosseum in Rome might be a no brainer, what about a decent gelato shop? And, if you’re wine tasting in Napa Valley and don’t quite have the money for French Laundry, what’s the next best thing for your budget?


Here are a few free apps that will help you find the right meal for your tastes, your budget and your travels.

Yelp [iOS® / Android]:

Yelp is a business directory with more than 135 million restaurant and business reviews worldwide. While you can use the app to find a plumber or fancy boutique, it’s most famously used for people looking for food. You can read user reviews, browse photos and menus, order takeout, make reservations and more based on just your location.


Chefsfeed [Android]:

Travelers with a more discerning pallet might like Chefsfeed. The app provides a curated list of restaurants across the US, along with videos, reviews, inspirations and other content by food and beverage professionals. It’s like having a food expert in your pocket.


Happy Cow [iOS / Android]:

Just because you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, doesn’t mean you can’t go on a foodie adventure. Or at least a decent restaurant where you don’t have to scavenge the menu for something you can actually eat. Happy Cow offers a solution for travelers looking for something to eat far from home. The app boasts over 100,000 restaurants across 180+ countries. The full version is $3.99 that offers many search options and no ads.


TripAdvisor [iOS / Android]:

TripAdvisor provides travelers with an all-in-one resource for finding the best of everything while on vacation. Not the least of which is restaurants. You can browse by cuisine, price, meal time, child friendly locations and more. And, of course, best of lists based on thousands of reviews by world travelers.


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January 2, 2020
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