Tips for Saving on Your Cell Phone Bill

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Tips for Saving on Your Cell Phone Bill

For many people, their cell phone is a constant companion. In fact, many of us have grown so attached to our cell phones we can’t imagine getting by without them. Finding a place to eat nearby. Grabbing a coffee. Meeting up with friends. Listening to music. Even saving an unexpected moment with an impromptu photo or video on our cell – and all of it in our hands.

We’re so used to our cell phones that we rarely give them a second thought. That is, until we get the cell phone bill. The average cell phone bill for one can often be a big shock, because it’s easy to forget that all those games and texts and videos eat up a ton of data. Those cell phone bills can add up fast.

But there is good news. Instead of asking in shock, “How much is my phone bill?” we have some smart tips for avoiding that shock and saving on your average monthly phone bill. You just have to know how to do it.

1. A Few Tips About Your Cell Plans

Not every cell plan is right for everyone. The best way to lower your average phone bill is to look at how you use your phone and find the cell plan that suits your needs.

One of the best tips is to go over your average phone bill for the last few months and see what you’re being charged for. Are you using more data? Sending a lot of texts? Saving money may be as simple as buying more data upfront. But if you don’t use a lot of data, or send few texts, why pay for it? Saving could also mean switching to a plan that matches how you use your cell phone and could lower your average phone bill.

2. A Few Tips About Data Usage

Data alerts are the worst, aren’t they? It’s the middle of the month and suddenly you get a warning that you’re almost out of data. You have two choices. Switch off your phone for the next couple of weeks to cut down your cell phone bill. Or be prepared for a bigger phone bill when you get hit with fat overage charges. One bad option. One worse option.

So, what do you do? Even if saving money isn’t possible this month, at least you can get ahead of next month’s cell phone bill. So you won’t keep staring, and asking, “How much is my phone bill?”

Here are a few tips that can help you start saving on your cell phone bill. First off, videos will destroy your data usage. One simple fix is to turn off the video autoplay on all your social media platforms. If you watch movies on your cell phone, you can also change the video quality to medium or low.

Also, there are plenty of independent apps that will also help you start saving by keeping an eye on your data usage. That way, you’ll be able to pace yourself through the month without running out of data, and without getting slammed with overage charges. That could really help to lower your average phone bill.

Alternatively, if these options don’t appeal to you, you could look into getting a flat rate unlimited data plan, so you can budget each month and not worry about fluctuation bill amounts or data overages. Many carriers provide these types of options and can also be a great way to save money.

3. A Few Tips About Refurbished Phones

We all love new devices. But, let’s face it, they can take a serious bite out of your budget. Fortunately, there’s another option to consider if your goal is saving money. A refurbished cell phone lets you upgrade to a gently used newer model while saving a pile of cash. You get all the latest functions and apps you want, while seriously lowering the cost of owning your device.

And, we have some tips about refurbished cell phones. MyWiT® offers refurbished cell phones in today’s most popular brands and models, including iPhone®, Galaxy®, and many others, which makes a refurbished phone an excellent option to consider.

4. A Few Tips about "Cramming" Charges

When was the last time you asked yourself, “How much is my phone bill?” and looked at your average cell phone bill? Can’t remember, can you? Few of us can. And sure, while paying your cell phone bill automatically is convenient, you’re not saving anything if your average phone bill includes services you don’t want. It’s called cramming. So, for many people, one of the best tips about saving on their average cell phone bill is simply to check their cell phone bill for “mystery charges.” Even a few dollars more a month on your cell phone bill can add up to almost a hundred dollars over an average contract.

5, A Few Tips About Discounts

If you’re an employee of a large company, state government, or on active military duty, we have some great tips on saving money on your cell phone bill. First off, you could be eligible for a discount from your cell phone provider, which could really lower your average phone bill. It’s worth it for wireless carriers to lower rates and your cell phone bill if it means a lot of new customers. So, start by checking with your cell provider to see if they have a discounted plan with your employer. If not, ask your employer if they have a saving plan with a different cell provider. You might have to switch cell providers, but if you save enough on your average phone bill, it could be worth the effort.

6. A Few Tips About Switching Carriers

Your wireless carrier won’t tell you when your contract ends. They’ll just roll you over into a new one. Want some tips to handle it? Because that’s a great time to ask, “How much is my phone bill,” and lower your average monthly phone bill with a better offer from your carrier, or another. Want a few more tips? If your new plan perfectly fits the way you use your phone, you could save even more on your cell phone bill. You might even consider budget alternatives to the big cell carriers, like prepaid or no-contract plans.

A Few Tips About Negotiating with Providers

Are you always looking at your cell phone bill asking, “How much is my phone bill?” If so, one way of saving money is to call your wireless provider, tell them the cell phone bill is too high, and you’re thinking of switching. Carriers are under a lot of pressure to hang on to customers. They just might be willing to start saving you money by lowering your average phone bill so you stay with them. Other tips to keep in mind – the longer you’ve been a customer and the better your cell phone bill payment history, the more likely they’ll throw incentives your way to keep you from switching.

So, there you have it. A whole bunch of great tips for saving on your cell phone bill. If you ever feel like your average monthly phone bill is getting out of hand, you don’t need to give up. Just follow our tips – from getting a refurbished phone through MyWiT to negotiating with carriers. But all of that is up to you. Take advantage of our tips, keep an eye on your usage and your average cell phone bill at all times. That way you’ll get the most out of your cell phone, lower your cell phone bill, and keep your money where it belongs. In your pocket.

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September 6, 2018
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