Top Meme-maker Apps for Android Phones and iPhone Smartphones

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Top Meme-maker Apps for Android Phones and iPhone Smartphones

For a lot of us lately, it can feel as if the speed of daily events has been turned all the way up to an insane tornado. Things come at us faster than we can take them in. Fortunately, we’ve also seemed to have found a way to process what’s going on, to laugh at them, and amuse our friends at the same time. Of course, nothing does all that better – or faster – than an internet meme.


A meme, for anyone who doesn’t know, is kind of hard to explain. Usually you start with a familiar image and phrase and give it a personal or up-to-the moment twist. A good example is Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. His suave bearded face and signature line is perfect for creating memes. For example only – “I don’t always create memes, but when I do, I don’t explain them.”


Once you understand the general structure of a meme, there’s no end to the number you can create. And with a meme-maker app for your Android or iPhone, you can capture – and comment on – just about any moment as it happens.


But as with anything digital, there are a ton of meme apps to choose. Some meme maker apps are great. While others, well, not so much. Let’s take a look at the ones we like best, starting with the best meme maker apps for Android.


Meme-Making Apps for Android Phones

GATM Meme Generator

The GATM Meme Generator is one of the best and most popular Android memes app you’ll find. It contains a gallery with over 200 familiar meme templates you can use to customize and create your own memes. It also allows you to upload your own photos, so you can create totally original memes anywhere. And it’s updated daily with new memes, so you’re always up on the latest memes. Plus, it’s simple to upload your memes to any social media platform.


This meme maker app is available in both a free version and a $1.95 pro version. While the free version does contain ads, there’s no watermark on memes created with either version. With its simple, intuitive functionality, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to get started creating memes.


Meme Generator from ZomboDroid

If you’re ready to take the next step in meme maker apps, the ZomboDroid Meme Generator is for you. Featuring an astounding 1,000 meme templates to work with as well as the ability to upload your own photos, this meme maker app makes it incredibly easy to create your own memes. It also has a few other unique features, like the ability to adjust text by font, size and color; a robust search function, a huge selection of stickers, and much more.


Meme Generator is available as a meme app, free as well as a $2.99 paid version. There are no ads on the paid version. While this meme maker app does not automatically upload your memes to protect your privacy, when you’re ready, it’s simple to upload the memes you want to the most popular social media platforms.


Video & GIF Memes from ZomboDroid

When you’re ready for creating truly memorable memes, you’re ready for Video & GIF Memes, also from ZomboDroid. This meme maker app, as its title suggests, allows you to create memes using video clips and GIFs, not content with mere still images.


Boasting a four-star rating on Google Play, Video & GIF Memes is available in both a free version as well as a $2.99 paid version. Both feature some pretty impressive capabilities such as its library of GIFs, for instance. Its integrated Tenor GIF Search gives you access to millions of GIFs you can customize. And, if you want to create a video meme, the meme maker app allows you to select only the specific portion of the video you’d like to use, as well as settings that allow you to adjust the frame rate, speed, repetition, run in reverse, and more. They’re even working on adding sound. Naturally, this is all in addition to the capabilities you expect on meme maker apps, like adjustable text size and color, intuitive interfaces, and more.


Of course, in addition to these meme maker apps for Android, there are also a number of impressive meme maker apps for the iPhone. Let’s take a look at those.


Meme Maker Apps for iPhones


With over 5 million downloads , Mematic is easily the most popular meme maker app available today. And this meme maker app seems to offer everything the serious meme connoisseur needs.


Let’s start with the capabilities of this memes app. They really are impressive. Mematic lets you create memes using existing meme images, GIFs, video clips, and your own photos. In select countries and regions, the Tenor GIF search engine is even available, putting millions of GIFs right in the palm of your hand. And Mematic couldn’t be more simple or easy to use. To get started, just tap “New Meme” and the app guides you through the process of creating your own meme.


Available in both a free and a $2.99 paid version, Mematic also comes with additional upgrade packages, ranging from $0.99 to $1.99, making this memes app even better. These upgrades allow you to choose text colors and fonts, create new images by pasting faces from photos onto new backgrounds, choose background colors for Retro Ecards, and more.


iPhone Meme Generator

The iPhone Meme Generator from is different than pretty much every other meme maker app. Like all the rest, it’s simple and easy to use. Working with established meme images, this memes app allows you to customize the text captions, move and resize the text boxes, add text boxes, change the text color, even add stickers and draw directly on your meme.


Then this memes app takes you one step further. Beyond simply making memes, the Meme Generator is also a powerful, portable graphics tool that allows you to upload your own images and use them to design posters, banners, ads, and other custom graphics.


Meme Generator comes in two versions: Basic, which is free and Pro, which requires a monthly subscription fee. And there’s a huge difference between the two. The Pro version of this memes app eliminates the imgflip watermark, ads, and saves images for as long as you maintain your Pro subscription. It also offers a substantially increased video framerate, better resolution, vastly larger file sizes, and much more.


While the Meme Generator may be different than other meme maker apps, it may also be the ideal solution for graphic design professionals who need a quick solution on the go.



If you love to make memes from images and GIFs and want a solid, dependable, easy-to-use memes app, Pictophile is for you. Like other meme maker apps, Pictophile allows you to add text to existing meme images as well as your own, and share them on social media.

But Pictophile also offers something you won’t find in every other meme maker app – GIF Builder 9000. This feature allows you to create your own original GIFs or edit existing GIFs frame by frame. You can even add text to your GIFs. This memes app even allows you to create memes across multiple frames. Stitch images, GIFs, and text together across a borderless, multi-panel comic to create a meme unlike any other. And if it gets too big? No problem. Pictophile also features a GIF shrinker so you can be as creative as you want without limits.


Pictophile comes in a free edition, and a $1.99 Pictophile Pro edition.


Now, of course this list of memes apps is nowhere near complete. But it shows that if you love to make and share memes, there’s a great meme maker app out there that can help you express your creativity and amuse your friends. And who knows? One day you could make a truly inspired meme and wake up to find that it’s gone viral.


So, check out these meme maker apps and start making memes. And show us what you’ve got.


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September 5, 2018
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