What Does Certified Refurbished Mean?

Certified refurbished smart phone being taken apart to repair.

What Does Certified Refurbished Mean?

Certified refurbished. It sounds good, but what does certified refurbished mean to consumers? By understanding what it means to buy a certified refurbished phone, you can learn the difference between pre-owned and other used devices. And this means that you can learn how to save money and improve your spending power.


When you buy a certified refurbished phone, you are getting proof that it has been inspected thoroughly before sale. Unlike other devices that sold as used, a certified refurbished phone has been inspected by professionals to ensure that it reaches you in full working condition. At MyWiT®, our inspectors ensure that each phone functions as it did when it was first out of the box. To give you some idea of what’s involved, all our refurbished phones have been through our multi point inspection.


Before a mobile device reaches you, our inspectors have checked it. In the event that a phone has an issue, our technicians are trained to repair or replace parts using official Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. This means that buyers will get phones in full working condition and in line with the high standards of the manufacturers.


Our inspectors also rate each phone so that you know what condition to expect it in when it arrives. Some of our phones are practically new, such as unwanted gifts returned to a store in the original packaging, unopened, but the retailer may not be allowed to resell these. Other phones have some cosmetic issues and we grade these accordingly so that the only surprises you get when you unbox your refurbished phone are pleasant.


Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Device

  • Buying a certified pre-owned phone can help get around having to buy into a two-year contract with a carrier.
  • It’s an affordable way to upgrade a device without paying the full cost of a high-end, new device.
  • It’s a good option for those who need to buy a replacement phone, but do not want to pay for a brand new one.
  • Your device has been checked by professionals so you know that you are receiving a quality phone that will do what you want it to do.
  • You can trust that the phone will arrive in the condition you expect, because the physical condition of the phone will have been noted by a professional inspector.


What does certified refurbished mean? Potential cost savings and a great-looking, functioning cell phone. Once people understand what certified refurbished really means, many of them never go back to paying full cost for a new cell phone.


You can have the phone of your dreams without the nightmare of finding the money. Certified refurbished resellers like us take the guesswork and chance out of buying pre-owned phones. Get in touch with us today for your certified refurbished phone and you’ll get the full experience of what certified refurbished means.

November 13, 2020
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