What's New About the iPhone® 12?

Learn what is different about the new iPhone 12.

What's New About the iPhone® 12?

The Apple® iPhone 12 is making waves with bold changes and significant improvements in iPhone’s most recent design. It will not only continue to compete with other high-end brands and models, but it will have Apple fans thinking about upgrading their current devices to make the most of the iPhone 12 device’s new look and capabilities. But what exactly does the iPhone 12 offer that other iPhone devices – and other brands – do not?


New features for the iPhone 12 include:

  • 5G capability
  • An A14 Bionic chip
  • A better screen
  • Ceramic shielding
  • New and improved cameras
  • Two sizes
  • Multiple, high-quality finishes


Here is some more detail about each of these aspects of the new iPhone12.

5G capability

With access to 5G, iPhone 12 users should achieve incredible download speeds relative to 4G. Users can look forward to downloading gigabytes in seconds. Unfortunately, many parts of the planet are not yet ready for the full potential of 5G, including large swathes of the US.

An A14 bionic chip

Apple describes the A14 as the fastest chip available on any smartphone. It makes the device advanced enough to deal with whatever the near future is likely to throw at it. Apple claims that it can film in Dolby VisionTM, which is not possible on professional cinema cameras.

A new, improved screen

The new screen gives users more usable screen space. We believe, it also provides much better contrast, color accuracy, and pixel density.

Ceramic shield

Ceramic shielding provides significant improvements in drop resistance, which should please those of us who have invested in a high-end device only to drop it and crack the screen. The aluminum edges of the iPhone 12 are aerospace-grade. And they are less slippery than many of the past iPhone devices. Apple claims further improvement to its splash resistance, but we still wouldn't recommend dropping one in a swimming pool or taking a shower while streaming.

Night-mode cameras

These wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras allow users to take better pictures at night. They capture significantly more light than other cameras. They also come with new and improved AI to help you take more professional-looking photos with which to tell your stories and capture memories.

Two sizes

The standard iPhone 12 is a massive 11% thinner than its predecessor. It's 15% smaller and 16% lighter. The Mini is even smaller, satisfying the demand for iPhone capabilities on a device that's not so bulky.

Five finishes

Let's face it. Those who buy iPhones are expecting style and lasting looks. The iPhone 12 has new finishes that we think are particularly attractive. Users can purchase a phone that looks suitable for any style.


We think the iPhone 12 has some impressive improvements over previous models. Apple designers appear to have listened to Apple customers and delivered solutions that will appeal to them and attract more converts to the Apple brand.


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December 9, 2020
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