When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Phone?

When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Phone?

There are a few reasons you should upgrade your phone, which are important to keep in mind when purchasing a refurbished phone. Whether you prefer refurbished iPhones® or refurbished Samsung® phones, there are certain situations you may encounter that make the most sense for you to upgrade your phone.


Here are a few scenarios where you’ll want to look into a cell phone upgrade:


Phone Upgrade Reason #1: Damage to New or Used Cell Phones

If you happen to damage your new or used cell phone at any point, that’s a good time to potentially upgrade your phone. Often times repairing new or used cell phones that have undergone some type of damage, such as a broken screen, can be a costly process. On top of that, broken screens can be fixed on an exterior level, but there may still be lingering damage to other internal hardware components of your new or used cell phones.


In these instances, it may make sense to upgrade your phone, whether that’s an AT&T® phone upgrade, Verizon® phone upgrade, T-Mobile® phone upgrade, or Sprint® phone upgrade. In doing so, you can upgrade your phone to a newer model and will ultimately save money on refurbished phones rather than hoping to fix the damaged one.


Phone Upgrade Reason #2: Battery Issues on New or Used Cell Phones

Unfortunately, every cell phone will experience battery issues at some point or another. While it’s sometimes a sign that repairs are needed, usually it’s just a sign of a phone with a long life span. It’s usually time for an upgrade when you begin to experience issues with degraded battery power longevity.


Both iPhones and Samsung phones lose battery life over time, due to app upgrades, but you can adjust some habits to conserve battery power (such as turning down the brightness). In the end, a phone upgrade may help you save money versus spending money on multiple repairs on a phone that’s just nearing the end of its lifespan.


Phone Upgrade Reason #3: Poor Reception on New or Used Cell Phones

Say you’re having issues getting service. You tried contacting the tech support through your phone provider, you restarted your phone, and you upgraded your service, but still aren’t able to connect. It might be time to upgrade your phone. If your older device is unable to do its basic functions, such as making calls or sending messages, you’re likely in need of a phone upgrade. Refurbished phones can be a cost effective next step for your outdated device. In a world where landline phones are dying, having good cell reception is imperative!


Phone Upgrade Reason #4: Low Storage on New or Used Cell Phones

Although it may seem like you have a lot of space when you first get your phone, you fill that up quickly with photos and apps. If you’d prefer to upgrade your phone to a device that has more space, then choosing a refurbished phone could be a wise (and cost effective) option. For your refurbished Samsung phones and certain Android refurbished phones, you can add in microSD slots for additional space. It’s a bit difficult to get extra space on your refurbished iPhone since you can’t add extra space onto them, but one solution is to purchase refurbished iPhones that have more storage than your current device. For example, upgrading from a 32GB iPhone to a 64GB iPhone or more.


Phone Upgrade Reason #5: Outdated Technology on Older Phones

You may experience more software issues with older iPhone models and Samsung phones, and oftentimes you may not even be able to access certain apps on them. If you’re interested in a more modern refurbished iPhone or refurbished Samsung phone so that you can have more access to a variety of apps, you may want to upgrade your phone to a newer model as soon as possible. You won’t want to miss out on the newest app made specifically for current software devices!


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 If you’re wondering how to upgrade your phone, you can start by browsing MyWiT’s collection of refurbished iPhones and refurbished Samsung phones. You can also consider a phone upgrade if you’re looking for refurbished phones with access to more technology and apps. Whether you’re looking for an AT&T phone upgrade, Verizon phone upgrade, T-Mobile phone upgrade, or Sprint phone upgrade, you can easily find that among MyWiT’s refurbished phones.

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June 18, 2018
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