Which is the Easiest iPhone® for Seniors to Use?

Which is the Easiest iPhone® for Seniors to Use?
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Which is the Easiest iPhone® for Seniors to Use?

April 2021

Which is the Easiest iPhone® for Seniors to Use?


It's a myth that the senior generations can't come to grips with technology. Computers have been around for decades and people have been using smartphones since the early 2000s. Therefore, many seniors are comfortable operating smart devices and navigating the internet.


The communication aspect of smartphones can be vital for seniors. With the ability to see and speak to loved ones via the device, it's a way to keep in close contact with people they may not otherwise see often.


One of the most popular smartphones for seniors is the iPhone. With the ability to easily share photos and other media via iCloud®, as well as video calls and messages, it's one of the best brands for communication. But, with so many models of iPhone on the market, which is the best one for seniors?



Seniors Can Have Specific Needs


Seniors may need an iPhone that's going to remain updated for several years. However, they may not be concerned with the most current features and specs. Additionally, many seniors are on fixed incomes, so the most expensive models may not be appropriate.


An unfortunate fact of aging is that our eyesight and mobility can begin to deteriorate. This makes a large size screen a helpful feature for many seniors. A large screen means that text can be easily displayed in a larger size, and buttons can easily be seen and tapped.


With these requirements in mind, there is one iPhone on the market that fits the bill perfectly.



An iPhone for Seniors: iPhone XR


At a price point of around $500 or less, the iPhone XR is a reasonable option that ticks all the boxes. The internal technology is more than a year old but still has plenty of mileage, especially since Apple® regularly updates their IOS®. It's also fast enough to surf the net, check emails, and communicate with people – all the activities that seniors may use their phones for.


Don't expect a top-spec camera at this price point; however, it's more than good enough to enjoy high-quality FaceTime® with family. The XR also features Face ID®, which is convenient for those suffering from reduced mobility, such as arthritis. 


Finally, this phone has a 6.06-inch display, from corner to corner, making it one of the larger-screened iPhone models on the market. Perfect for viewing larger text and making video calls.


While there are certainly cheaper versions of the iPhone on the market, we believe that the XR offers the best value for the money and can help meet the needs of seniors. Since it's going to be a few years yet before Apple stops updating the software, it's a worthwhile investment that may not need replacing for some time.


If you're a senior that needs a new iPhone or if you want to buy one for a senior family member, make sure you check out the iPhone XR. It may be precisely what you're looking for.



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August 20, 2021
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