Why Used and Refurbished iPhones Are a Better Investment

Evaluating a used phone and why its a better investment.

Why Used and Refurbished iPhones Are a Better Investment

Looking to buy a used or a refurbished phone and don't want to lose your shirt? If you’ve had enough of businesses trying to rope you into outrageous monthly plans, you're about to find out why MyWit.com is the smartest way to go. Whether you are looking for a new phone or tablet, or you are in-between warranties and don't want to spend a bundle, there are great advantages to buying used cell phones.


Refurbished cell phones are phones that have been owned before by someone else, but now have been repaired or remanufactured and placed back on the market for sale. If you couldn't afford the latest Apple® or Samsung® smartphone, now is the time to take advantage of all that a used phone can offer you. If your budget won’t stretch to the latest Apple or Samsung phone, it doesn’t have to. A refurbished cell phone will satisfy all your needs.


How Well Do Refurbished Phones Work?

This depends on the dealer or manufacturer. Refurbished or used phones are returned to the manufacturer they came from or an authorized OEM company (meaning Apple, for example, authorized or certified that company to refurbish Apple phones). They get inspected for quality, cleaned, graded, and repaired (if necessary) and then are ready to be sold again. This process typically guarantees the functionality of the phone or device.


Functionality typically depends upon:

  • Who does the refurbishment.
  • How well the phone is refurbished.
  • Why the phone was refurbished.


What Are the Benefits to Using a Refurbished Phone?

  • Saves You Money
  • Have you been wanting a Samsung Galaxy® or iPhone but can't afford one? Maybe you've been looking forward to the best cell phone camera out there. Refurbished phones can offer you these things and so much more.


  • Amazingly Good Condition Devices
  • People return phones for many reasons. Sometimes a phone gets damaged or it arrived faulty. Many times, someone buys another phone and returns the original. These returns are to your advantage because Carrier stores typically cannot sell a phone once the box is opened. So you get very competitive prices for excellent quality returned phones.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • If you're worried that too many devices are ending up in landfills, buying used and refurbished phones is a great way to decrease what ends up in the trash and contributes to things that pollute the ground, water and air. You can be a part of the Green Movement when you purchase a refurbished phone.


Is MyWiT® Reliable?

We stand by our products. Every one of them. Because of this, our customer return policy has been increased from 30 days to 90 days. Just return our product if you don't love it. Take a look at MyWiT reviews and see for yourself how our customers love their new-to-them phone or device.


Refurbished online shopping couldn't be easier with MyWiT. We offer specials, exclusive offers and new arrivals all the time, so be ready to be pleasantly surprised by what MyWiT has to offer you. Pre-owned cell phone stores are a thing of the past; make MyWiT your next stop.


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March 17, 2019
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