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Device Protection

Accidents happen. But you can be prepared for drops, spills, cracks and even mechanical malfunctions with our device protection plan. We offer individual protection plans for smartphones, tablets, accessories and more. And, if something does happen to your device, our fast and convenient claims process will repair your device with no hassle or long wait times. So, when the unexpected happens, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’re already covered.

Sample Terms:

Find sample terms here: Sample Device Protection Terms & Conditions

What Is Covered:
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown - This covers functional parts and labor to repair your product to the manufacturer's specifications. So, if your phone stops working than we have you covered.
  • Accidental Damage - This includes damage from drops, collisions, liquid spills, or cracks and breaks in the structure of the device.
  • Limits on Claims - Unlimited repairs up to the purchase price of your device.

It's Easy to Add Device Protection:
  1. Select the device you want.
  2. Along with your device detail selections, you'll see the option to purchase a 1- or 2-year device protection plan. Select the protection plan you'd like or skip coverage by selecting "No Thanks".
  3. Complete checkout. Within a few days, you’ll receive an email with your protection plan details and coverage documents.
  4. Once your device ships, coverage will start immediately.

Filing a Claim:

Device protection allows unlimited repairs for approved mechanical breakdown or accidental damage claim up to the price of the product. If your device can’t be repaired, you will receive a reimbursement or replacement up to the price of the product. If you need to file a claim for mechanical breakdown or accidental damage, call 1-877-307-9217 and one of our care specialists will assist you. Replacement parts used for repairs will come from our authorized servicer’s inventory. This may include reconditioned, rebuilt or new parts of like kind and quality to the original device parts. Walk-in centers are not available in every state. Check locations here.


A non refundable deductible will apply for each approved claim and is dependent on your device's price tier.

  • MSRP below $201 = $19
  • MSRP above $201 = $39

Transferring Device Protection:

Device protection is transferable. If you wish to transfer this coverage to a new owner, you must notify Assurant in writing at P.O. Box 105689, Atlanta, GA 30348-5689.

Canceling Device Protection:

You can cancel device protection anytime. Just give us a call at 1-877-881-8578 or mail your request to P.O. Box 105689, Atlanta, GA 30348-5689.

Some stipulations apply:

  • 30-Day Full Refund - Full refunds are only available if your plan is canceled within 30 days of purchase and you haven’t filed a claim.
  • After 30 Days Prorated Refund - A prorated refund is available if you cancel after 30 days, less any claims paid up to the cancellation date. Cancellation/refund provision may vary by state. See plan Terms and Conditions for state-specific cancellation and refund methods.
  • Full Refund - Full refunds are only available if your plan is canceled within 30 days of purchase and you haven’t filed a claim.