Which brands of devices are sold?

We sell mobile devices from the world's leading brands, such as Apple®, Samsung®, LG®, Google®, Nokia®, BlackBerry®, motorola® and HTC®.

What accessories are included with the purchase of a device?

Device Only (unless otherwise stated in the item description).

Are MyWiT devices available to customers outside the United States?

At this time, we only sell to authorized customers within the United States. Please check our Global Page for available countries.

Can I see photos of the specific device that I purchase?

No. Given the fact that we have thousands of devices on hand, we do not have individual images of each device. Our photos are generally representative of the device and cosmetic condition you will receive. For example, all devices rated as Excellent will be very similar in appearance to each other.

What about a warranty?

Each device comes with a 30-day money-back promise. We do offer Product Protection at additonal cost.

Do locked phones come with a service plan?

No. You will need to contact the carrier to buy a mobile plan service before it will operate.

Can a locked phone be jail broken or unlocked?

No. Any device that looks like it has been tampered with will not be able to be returned for a refund.

Are unlocked phones available for purchase?

Yes, depending on the supply of traded-in devices, typically there are unlocked phones for sale. Each listing will notate if the device is carrier locked or unlocked. Please check with your carrier before purchasing.

What does "unlocked" really mean?

A device that is locked means that it will only work with one carrier whereas an unlocked phone will work with multiple carriers. A GSM unlocked phone means that it has a SIM card, and typically works with most GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, while a CDMA unlocked device may not have a SIM card and usually works with CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint.

How many devices are there to choose from?

At any given time, we have thousands of devices available. Inventory moves fast so check back often if you do not see the specific device you want.

What are GSM unlocked devices?

Devices that can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile.

What are CDMA unlocked devices?

Devices that can be used with Verizon and US Cellular.

What is the IMEI of the phone I will purchase?

We can provide customers with the IMEI of the device they will receive after an order is placed. Due to our volume of inventory, we are unable to know the IMEI until your device is packaged for shipment.


Can I pay with an international credit card?

Customers need to have a credit or debit card for a bank located in the United States. We are unable to process transactions to outside countries at this time.


When should I expect my package to arrive?

All items are shipped from Pennsylvania or Texas and not all devices are at both locations; therefore the actual arrival time depends on your proximity to the location that has the device you purchased. Please allow 24 business hours for processing time for our warehouse plus transit time (excluding weekends and holidays).

Would I be able to track my package?

Yes. Once your item(s) have shipped, we will send you an email with a tracking number.

I would like to make a return but forgot to put my packing slip in the box.

Don't worry. You may notify us of the return by sending us an email. Please click on Contact Us from the top navigation menu. Please make sure to include your order number in the comments box.

How can I change the mailing address for my shipment?

For your security, we can only ship to the address provided at checkout.

Do we offer international shipping?

We do not offer international shipping at this time.

Do you ship to freight forwarders?

We ship to any address that is in the United States. If you send your package to a freight forwarder, and it gets lost, we are not responsible.

What shipping carrier is used to mail my package?

We currently use FedEx to ship all packages.

When will my package ship?

We ask that customers allow 24 hours for their order to ship. If the order is placed before 2PM EST time, it will ship out the same day the order is placed. Please note that we do not ship on weekends or holidays. If an order is placed after 2PM EST on Friday, or any time on Saturday and Sunday, your package will ship out Monday. The same applies for overnight shipping.


Why does it take so long to get my refund?

We understand it can be frustrating waiting for your refund. Our goal is always to get our customers their money back as quickly as possible. But it can take a while to properly process a return and coordinate your refund with your bank. Refunds typically take less than 2 weeks, but, because every return and every bank is different, we can’t guarantee a shorter time frame.

Why do I need to contact MyWiT before I return my phone?

MyWiT is a global organization and has many locations that do not accept devices. Sometimes devices end up in non-device facility locations because our customers send them to an Assurant facility they have found through an online search. When that happens – we cannot process the refund until the device is located. We want to ensure that refunds are processed as quickly as possible, therefore we want to make sure they is sent to the correct address and we know it’s on the way.

Can I exchange my item or get a replacement?

Sorry, but we can’t provide exchanges or replacements due to processing times. It’s faster and easier for you, as the customer, to buy another device and get it sent out while the one you need to return gets processed back into our system. We want to make sure that every device is 100% functional – and if you need to send one back – we clearly need to reprocess it to assess the problem and fix it. This process takes too long, and we don’t want you going without a device that long!

If you do need to return a defective item, please Contact Us before shipping the product. Once the item has been received and verified, a refund of the purchase price and any taxes paid will be issued. Please note that we are unable to reimburse shipping charges for returning the device without our return label from our support team.

Are there any exceptions to your Return Policy?

Our return policy is void if you attempt to "root," "jailbreak" or otherwise make changes to the operating system of the device. Our policy also doesn’t cover damages caused by buyer neglect or abuse. Any purchased items must be returned in the same condition they were received, must be password unlocked, and Find MY iPhone® (FIMP) disabled so our team can access the device (operating system) for inspection and reprocessing.

In addition, we aren't responsible for carrier compatibility issues. Please verify the device is compatible with your wireless plan and service provider before making your purchase. If you need help determining whether a device is compatible with your wireless plan or service provider, take a look at our compatibility chart.

Bulk/Resellers/Dealers have 14 days to identify defective products and contact us to return the device. No Buyer remorse excepted.

All Devices must have our return label or they will not be accepted by the warehouse. Please contact us first before returning the device.

Device Protection

How do I file a claim?

If you need to file a claim for mechanical breakdown or accidental damage, go to our website and one of our care specialists will assist you.

Can you Transfer the device protection to a new owner?

Device protection is transferable. If you wish to transfer this coverage to a new owner, you must notify Assurant in writing at P.O. Box 105689, Atlanta, GA 30348-5689.

Can you cancel your Device Protection?

You can cancel device protection anytime. Just go to our website or mail your request to P.O. Box 105689, Atlanta, GA 30348-5689.

Reseller Information

How long does it take to be onboarded?

Onboarding takes typically 1-2 weeks if all proper documents provided.

Can I purchase devices before onboarded?

Yes, limited to 2 devices per purchase in a week period. No more then 10 devices may be purchased per year.

Do you have to be in the US to purchase?

Businesses are required to be in the US. We do not ship overseas or support sales of our devices overseas.

Can I purchase devices before onboarded?

Yes, limited to 2 devices per purchase in a week period. No more then 10 devices may be purchased per year.