Device Inspection & Grading

Did you know only 1 out of 4 preowned devices passes MyWiT’s inspection process? It’s true. Every device in our store undergoes a rigorous, industry-leading multi-point inspection process. Only smartphones and tablets that are 100% fully functional are approved to sell in our stores. This ensures you get a device that works just like you’d expect.

Our Process

  1. Highly trained technicians grade our smartphones and tablets based on cosmetic appearance, using our proprietary grading scale.
  2. Next, the device undergoes a multi point inspection, examining all internal and external functions, buttons, battery, SIM card, camera and touch screen.
  3. We run a second quality check to ensure major components are functioning properly.
  4. If we detect an issue with the phone or tablet, it’s restored according to the manufacturer’s specifications, using only OEM parts.
  5. Finally, the device is buffed, cleaned and packaged along with accessories to sell in our store.

Cosmetic Grading


These devices and accessories are NEW and either they come in their own original, sealed packaging or will arrive repacked into one of our own boxes. Sometimes we source brand NEW devices AND sometimes, buyer’s remorse (never used/changed mind)leaves these devices going back to the store. Did you know - the retailer cannot restock anything that was returned? Check the listing for which accessories it comes with. A NEW device is a rare find – buy it if you find it!!!

Renewed (Grade 1 Plus)

These Renewed phones and tablets receive the highest marks from our inspection process and our customers; and have been treated with tons of loving care by their previous owners, or…. were traded extremely quickly! There are little to no scratches, scuffs or blemishes on the device and they are 100% fully functional.

Excellent (Grade 1)

These EXCELLENT condition devices have super high marks from our inspection process and customers. Most of these devices have been really protected with a case and were probably traded early. These phones and tablets have few signs of wear and tear, such as scratches or dents, and are 100% fully functional.

Very Good (Grade 2)

These VERY GOOD condition devices are the smart choice for customers wanting a great device at a slightly lower price. You will be able to see more use with these devices in the form of minor scratches and 1-2 minor dents max, but they are still 100% fully functional and often a case can hide the blemishes.

Good (Grade 3)

These GOOD condition devices are for customers looking for an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality or reliability. There are even more – maybe even significant signs of use - like scratches and dents but these devices are still 100% fully functional. If you drop your phone a lot (or have a family member who does), devices in this condition present some good savings that make having to buy more than 1 every 2 years a little less painful on your bank account. Like the others, all devices are restored according to the manufacturer’s specifications using only OEM parts.