Our Services

Device Condition Assessment

    • We follow a rigorous, multi-step process to triage and process devices including: 
      • wiping each device's data completely clean, 
      • assessing its functionality and cosmetic condition through an industry-leading 65-point inspection process, and  
      • conducting a second 65-point inspection process to confirm appearance and 100% functionality before packing the device.  

Refurbishment (as needed)

    • Our highly-developed repair process provides the ultimate in quality assurance and data security, ensuring a trusted and safe product for the customer
    • We follow rigorous ISO: 9001 quality control systems and processes to ensure our repair processes are consistently the best possible. 
    • We consistently evolve our repair processes to stay current with changing technologies.

Device Packaging

    • We ensure each device is packaged neatly and safely with all necessary accessories.

OEM Certification & Software

    • We have built strong relationships with major OEMs and are approved to perform up to Level 3 repairs on most electronic devices.

Scrap / Recycle

    • We are committed to protecting the environment in the production and distribution of our products, which is why our facility is ISO14001 (establishes the criteria for an environmental management system) and R2 (the leading standard for electronics repair and recycling) certified.
    • We are dedicated to recovering as much of each device as possible to minimize the byproducts sent to landfills.
    • For components that can be salvaged, we ensure they function properly and clean them via manual and ultrasonic cleansing.
    • For devices that have limited to no value, we clear them of customer content and send them to R2-certified recyclers.

 Operating System Reflash

    • This a fancy way of saying we have OEM support and approval to restore all major manufactured mobile devices to their original factory settings. 

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