The MyWiT Advantage


Global Warehouse Locations = Business Continuity

    • MyWiT facilities are located in York, Pennsylvania and Ft. Worth, Texas.  
    • As an ISO compliant operation, MyWiT processes are documented and housed in a web-based document control center.  With these capabilities in place we can assure business continuity.

Value-added distribution / services 

    • MyWiT strives to leverage Lean Six Sigma principles in each and every process and as part of our overall operation. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with value-added services on demand to support our your needs.  
    • In all operations, we strive to minimize device touch points and engineer solutions that minimize errors through disciplined processes and automated process controls.  We have installed capabilities to kit/de-kit, flash/re-flash, device programming, and has applications within CVision to create labels (parent to child, SKU master carton with three of nine and 2-D barcodes).  We also have re-box capability and we are a company with a green focus.  
    • We have an extensive history of extracting best value from scrap processing and minimizing landfill material.

Kitting / Packaging / Order Management 

    • Our process to kit or re-kit a product is highly flexible, configurable, traceable, and lean by design to meet our client’s needs.
    • Together with our clients we define the product kitting requirements to define the contents of each package including: the device, accessories, product information, returns documentation, marketing collateral, and other customizable items. 
    • Package can include configuration and branding or co-branding.
    • Package labeling to include: make, model, SKU, software revision in both a readable and barcode format.

Import / Export capabilities 

    • MyWiT  has extensive capabilities to support all import and export programs.  We have international regulatory teams that work with local import governances to ensure product is shipped in compliance with all legal requirements.
    • We've partnered with 3rd party companies including FedEx Trade Networks and UPC Supply Chain Solutions to assist in:
      • Managing export-related data and automating transactions.
      • Filing necessary compliance licenses.
      • Compliance verification with national security standards.

Customs and Tariff Management 

    • All customs and tariff management is owned by our internal logistics team and supported by FedEx Trade Networks and UPC Supply Chain Solutions.

Shipping / Transportation capabilities

    • Over the past 17 years we have built a breadth of transportation solutions that are customer friendly, reliable, predictable and cost efficient.  
    • Routinely coordinate with USCC transportation management.
    • Our capabilities include receiving and shipping via parcel, LTL and TL.
    • We ship with the major carriers like: UPS, FedEx and USPS.
    • We provide transportation management services that include address validation, shipment consolidation, and Zone skipping where appropriate.
    • Our shipping application is rules based and supports least cost ship by area and provides complete electronic manifesting with tracking numbers, number of packages shipped, and 'ship to' information captured.  On notification of a loss package, MyWiT places a tracer with the specified carrier.  
    • When a package is damaged or confirmed lost, a claim is placed with the carrier and reshipment made to the customer.  Leveraging the data available, MyWiT has built customer solutions for our clients.  These solutions optimize freight costs while minimizing stock outs.

Advanced Shipping Notice Capability 

    • MyWiT has ASN requirements for all inbound shipments.

International Logistics

    • MyWiT's international logistics program is supported by FedEx Trade Networks, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, and its warehouses located in countries where we supports a wireless solutions program.

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