About Us


The MyWiT Edge

MyWiT® is dedicated to making technology accessible to everyone. We sell new, like-new and refurbished smartphones and tablets in online marketplaces around the world, at prices perfect for any budget.

When it comes to refurbished devices, we understand that nothing matters more than quality and reliability. You want a device you’ll love, at a price you can afford, from a company you can trust. That’s why we’ve built a state-of-the-art repair facility – no “out of someone’s basement” here and are capable and approved to restore devices to manufacturer and carrier specifications. That’s why we hire experienced technicians and follow the very important ISO quality control standards. And that’s why every device that comes through our hands goes through a rigorous 65+ point inspection.

All to make sure that our customers get a device that works exactly as expected. And if it doesn’t, we’ll take it back. With a no questions asked, 30-day Guarantee! 


Our Values

  • Honesty
    We live by our word. In our communications, product descriptions, business practices and prices, we’re always fair and honest. And, if we do make a mistake or something isn’t clear, we don’t make excuses. We fix the error and we fix it fast. Our word is our bond to our customers and we’d never, ever break it.
  • Precision
    Innovation isn’t always big and showy. Sometimes it’s about doing the simple things well. That’s why we’ve invested in industry-leading processes, skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facilities and some nifty logistical know-how. By doing things right – the first time – we create less waste and better experiences.
  • Transparency
    While we can get a bit esoteric when it comes to tech, we prefer to keep it easy peasy when it comes to our products and policies. Clear specs, detailed descriptions, straightforward pricing and step by step explanations. No surprises. No extra fine print. No coded language except for the code used to program your device.
  • Reliability
    You’re putting your trust in our hands. That’s something we don’t take lightly. We also don’t take it lightly on our devices. Each device that comes through our facility undergoes a rigorous, industry-leading 65+ point inspection process. This ensures that what you receive works just like you expect with no issues or glitches.
  • Consistency
    Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downgrade or go green and pick up one of our upcycled gently-used devices, we pride ourselves on making every experience the same. You can expect the same quality, service and experience with every device we ship. 

MyWit Vision

Our vision is to set the global standard of excellence for product quality and customer experience at affordable prices.

MyWiT Mission

MyWiT is a knowledgeable and friendly company who focuses on providing Total Value to our customers.  We put our customers first by providing a hassle free, transparent shopping experience.  Our goal is to deliver a highly-integrated, best-in-class globalized program that surpasses customer expectations. 

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