Apps You Can Feel Good About Sharing with Your Kids

Apps You Can Feel Good About Sharing with Your Kids

Apr 16th 2019

Let’s face it, technology is becoming a huge part of your child’s development. But, while you want your child to get familiar with technology, you also want it to also be constructive. You want your child to have experiences that go beyond watching YouTube videos and playing games. You want to feel good about the media that their little impressionable minds are consuming.

We’ve assembled a few kid-friendly apps, that you’ll feel good about sharing with your child. These apps will help bring out the little composter, scientist, tech genius, mathematician, film director, business guru, and astrophysicist out of your child. Or just make them a well-rounded kid. But you want to know the best part? They’re free apps. Free apps that will help your child develop to the best of their ability. So, your child can download, learn and play to their heart’s content.

Duolingo Kids

For your future world traveler

Learning a new language can enhance your child’s social, creative and academic development. And age seven or younger is the best age to start. Duolingo Kids makes it easy and fun. Your child can play games to learn common languages, like French or Spanish or Italian. If you have a pre-teen or child who could use a bit more of challenge, you can sign-up for regular version of Duolingo with has a wide list of languages, from German to Hindi to even fantasy languages like High Valyrian from Game of Thrones.

My Molecularium

For your future chemist

Described as “Angry Birds meets nanoscience” by the Children’s Technology Review, My Molecularium is a molecule building game where kids learn chemical and structural formulas. Developed by the Rensselaer Institute as part of their Molecularium Project, this cool app helps kids learn science in a fun and creative way. (iOS, Android)

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

For your future engineer

GoldieBlox is all about empowering young girls to pursue careers in STEM by engaging their imaginations and creativity in arts and crafts. In addition to their toys, they also have GoldieBox & The Movie Machine, an app that allows kids to make their own animated films. They can draw and animate their own drawings. By creating their own short films, your child will learn about engineering.  (iOS only)

Mussila Music School

For your future musician

With Mussilla, kids learn the principles of music through a variety of games. The app is based on a thoroughly planned curriculum that helps children develop skills and achieve new levels of music theory. The app comes highly rated by the teachers and Best of Kids app.  (iOS, Android)

Science 360

For your future scientist

Created by the National Science Foundation, this app features a variety of nature and tech photos, videos and stories to keep your child engaged. They can watch videos about “cheeseburger chemistry” or look at HD pics of places around the globe. (iOS only)


For your future tech start-up entrepreneur

Tynker is heralded as one of the best mediums for kids to learn how to code. And, it has the awards and reviews to back it up.  While it might seem like child’s play, the app provides kids ages 6-12 with experience using coding languages like Python and JavaScript. The program offers 50+ free starter templates for games, apps and more, with additional levels available as in-app purchases.  (iOS, Android)

Flow Free

For your future strategist or philosopher

Puzzles are a great way to help your child develop problem solving skills, coordination and even self-esteem. That’s what makes Flow Free so great. Your child can enjoy more than 2,500 free puzzles that will help them exercise their minds. If that wasn’t enough for endless playtime, the app also features free play and time trial modes, letting your little one adjust the difficulty. While this one will be fun for your kids, we also think it’s a great app for all ages.  (iOS, Android)


For your future artist

Colorbook turns an iPhone or iPad into your child’s favorite coloring book. And, if they mess up, they can always start all over. There are more than 160 coloring pages available and 100+ colors to choose from. The app also supports multi-touch, so kids can color with their friends or siblings. (iOS only)

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