Broken Phone Repair vs. Buying Refurbished

Broken Phone Repair vs. Buying Refurbished

May 28th 2019

Watching your smartphone fall and bounce can be a very traumatizing experience. It can be a costly one if it is not guaranteed. This situation has people in a predicament: should they invest in repairing their broken phone, or buy a refurbished one? Let’s explore both options and see the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Broken phone repair

You should explore this option if the damage to the phone is light or the phone is either new or close enough to make the investment worth it. If you’re dealing with light damage and you know a knowledgeable repair shop that can guarantee its work, repairing a phone can be cheaper than buying a refurbished. In this way, you can cut down on costs. A plus.

On the flip side, phone repair doesn’t come without risk. This is especially so if there’s no high-end guarantee from the shop.

Firstly, you may assume that the phone only needs a screen change without realizing there was internal damage. In this scenario, the phone will eventually break down again, bringing you back to the repair shop.

Secondly, you can never be sure of the quality of the repair. Some disreputable repairmen tend to change pieces while at work, degrading your device’s capabilities and ensuring future failure.

Thirdly, if the damage is extensive, it may cost you more to fix your old phone than buying a refurbished one.

Refurbished phone

As when repairing your phone, choosing the right retailer is key. You need to:

  • Make sure that the device is backed by a solid guarantee
  • Know that when the guarantee is needed, you will be dealing with a professional.

If you got a solid guarantee, you’ll probably have no follow-up issues. A solid guarantee means you’re dealing with professionals who care about their reputation and won’t sell you a faulty device.

Other advantages of opting for a refurbished phone are:

  1. Performance: Refurbished phones are tested to make sure they perform flawlessly, with the only variant being the cosmetic state of the device.
  2. Desk service: if you have any issues with your refurbished phone, you are legally protected and can find redress either economically or through a new device.
  3. Quality: with refurbished phones, you’re guaranteed a phone with original pieces and materials that have been tested to ensure the device works. Even after the guarantee expires, you can expect your phone to perform for months or years to come.
  4. Price: refurbished phones may be more expensive than fixing your old one if the damage isn’t too extensive, but they’re way cheaper than new phones. The price tends to range between 20-40% lower than a new model.

Unless you can be sure that the damage to your phone is limited and no further hidden defects have accrued due to a fall or other accidents, opting for a refurbished phone will help you avoid future issues in a cost-effective way.

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