Celebrating A MyWiT® Milestone: One Million Purchased Devices

Celebrating A MyWiT® Milestone: One Million Purchased Devices

Jan 21st 2019

The value of mobile devices is on the rise. With brand-new models being introduced each year, more consumers are looking to trade in their used devices - which are often high quality and still fully functioning. Assurant’s e-commerce site MyWiT (or My Wireless Technology) was created in 2015 to help us get the most value out of those used devices. Our asset disposition capabilities and repair and logistics facilities help us quickly process, refurbish and resell these devices at a price that is often less than half of what it costs to buy a new device.

We recently surpassed one million sales, proving just how valuable the refurbished device marketplace has become. To celebrate this milestone accomplishment, here’s a look at where those one million purchases came from.

  • E-commerce sites. We grew relationships and are continuing to work closely with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon to strategize marketing and sales efforts to their customer base.
  • Small business resellers. Our devices have been purchased by hundreds of small businesses who then repair and/or resell them at their local shops or online.
  • Medical device companies and hospitals. Several of our iPhone devices were purchased to help health care professionals access apps that can help them monitor patients and save lives. For example, tech company GoCheck Kids preloaded their vision screening app on several of our iPhone devices to help pediatric practices screen children for visual impairments. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland also purchased our iPhone devices to help them test their new app that monitors patients at risk for a heart attack.
  • Company discount programs. SeveralAssurant employees in the US visited (also available from our employee discounts site) to purchase phones, tablets and accessories with their employee benefit discount of 10 percent off every purchase. Several other large companies offer MyWiT discounts to their employees as well through a third-party benefits program.
  • Cashback/coupon websites. Sites like and promoted our devices to consumers searching for discounts and coupons online.
  • Verizon’s marketplace. We created an online marketplace for Verizon consumers interested in purchasing a refurbished device.
  • Congratulations to everyone involved in this amazing accomplishment. We look forward to expanding our MyWiT program into new countries and markets in 2019. 
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