Holiday Gift Guide: Best Phone Accessories of 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Phone Accessories of 2019

Dec 10th 2019

MyWit® sells refurbished phones at great discounts. What’s better than getting a new (to you) phone? Getting an accessory or two to go with your new phone! With the Holiday season coming up, take a look at those that have been the hottest and best quality on the market this year. ButtonsTM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes in stock at MyWiT, these top-of-the-range Bluetooth in-ear headphones fronted by provide an extremely comfortable wireless experience. The in-ear buds have rave reviews with reviewers noting their comfort and natural, balanced sound. A great range of fitting options means they’ll fit anyone and remain stylish and comfortable. As you would expect, the design is ultra-cool.

PremiumTM selfie-stick

Think selfie-sticks are passé? Premium selfie-sticks might change your mind. Essential for vloggers, those who take photography seriously, high-quality selfie sticks offer a range of features that weren’t available as affordable only a year ago.

Even a top of the range selfie-stick like the BlitzwolfTM won’t break the bank at around $25. For that, you get wireless, Bluetooth® connectivity, a sturdy handle, a telescopic stick, a great phone mount, and a foldable tripod for accurate photography and video. Gift one to the aspiring social media star in your life.


Not perhaps entirely accurate to call these an accessory, but many people do. We think they are so much more than that, and we’ve spoken about them in our resource center before. Now is a great time to take the plunge if you haven’t done so already. MyWiT offers a range of Smartwatches, all of which have been through our rigorous testing, grading, and refurbishment process. A great gift, the stock is often limited, so grab them while you can.

Wireless charging Stand

Just about all the new and flagship phones offer wireless charging now. If you haven’t discovered the convenience of wireless charging yet, think about this: set it up on a nightstand and place your phone on top each night. It’s incredibly convenient and in our opinion, better for phones, keeping them safe from power surges and lightning strikes, and putting less strain on charging ports, which can be worn and damaged, even on top-end devices. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll be surprised by how affordable they are.

Running armband for your phone

A common feature used on smartphones is fitness and running tracking. A running armband will keep you connected safely and securely on the go. Paying a little more can get you much more in terms of quality. A great gift for the runner in your life or to support someone’s new year’s resolution.

VR headset

Virtual Reality has moved beyond novelty value and provides a great way to view videos, apps, and games in 3D without expensive TV equipment. The range is amazing, from the cheapest at about $30, such as Google® glass, where your phone is the screen, right up to $800 high-definition sets. You’ll need to do a little research to find out what’s right for you or your recipient, but why not take the plunge at the lower end and upgrade later.

Phones are the one device that most people take everywhere. If you’re looking for the perfect gift that your recipient won’t leave behind, think about some of these suggested mobile phone accessories.

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*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.