How Buying a Refurbished Phone Saves You Money

How Buying a Refurbished Phone Saves You Money

Oct 10th 2019

New cars lose around  ten percent of their value the minute you drive them off the lot. Then perhaps more than 20 percent by the end of the first year. Nearly-new cars, on the other hand, are great value. In this case, you’re getting a car that isn’t very old and, if you buy from a reputable dealership, it will have been serviced, repaired, and cleaned. This thinking applies to reconditioned phones, such as those sold by MyWiT®.

With a refurbished phone, you get a device that’s been graded, cleaned, and checked. This offers you a potentially huge saving when compared to a sealed retail box from a retailer or manufacturer. You benefit from the depreciation, which allows you to get a better device than you might be able to afford otherwise.

Refurbishment vs retail

How much is a box worth to you? You are going to pay a higher price for a boxed device from a retailer. While unboxing videos are big business, it's up to each of us to work out how much that bit of cardboard is really worth.

Buying a refurbished phone gives you the freedom to choose the grade of phone you want. MyWiT phones graded as ‘new’ are often available because a buyer changed his or her mind and took advantage of a returns policy. Some phones we grade as ‘as new’ were not even removed from their packaging, such as unwanted gifts, but they cannot be resold by the retailer. A retailer cannot restock anything that was returned. If you buy a phone graded as ‘new’ from us, it will be in pristine condition.

These phones either come in their original packaging or will arrive expertly repacked in one of our boxes.

We explain our grading system in detail  here. Just under ‘new’ is ‘flawless.’ These phones were generally traded in very quickly or were treated with love and care by previous owners. As well as standard handset upgrades, big companies often upgrade their staff’s phones, giving us a stock of handsets that have been well looked after. We recondition these and continue their lives through new owners.

Further down the grade, the bigger your potential savings! The best value grade we sell is ‘grade B.’ Even these are in ‘good’ condition. They offer our customers an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice reliability. If you seem to have accidents with your phones frequently or you don’t want to spend a significant amount on a phone, this is a great option.

Whatever the cosmetic grade, MyWiT’s phones all function flawlessly. We’ve graded every one of our phones following our 65+ point check. We’ve wiped them, repaired them with OEM parts if required, cleaned and packed them ourselves. We then send your chosen phone to you from one of our US-based warehouses.

For savings over retail, refurbished is the way to go. Refurbished phones are great devices at more affordable prices.

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