How to Check the Compatibility of Carriers for Unlocked Phones

How to Check the Compatibility of Carriers for Unlocked Phones

Jan 11th 2019

When you buy a refurbished device from MyWiT® – whether a tablet or a phone – you have a lot of choices to make. Of course, you have to choose the device you want, the brand and the model. But you should also make sure there’s compatibility between the device you want and your carrier.

Can you use a Verizon® phone with AT&T® for instance? Or can you use an AT&T phone with T-Mobile®? Will a Sprint® phone work on Verizon? Can you use an unlocked phone on Verizon? Is there compatibility between an unlocked phone and any carrier?

These are important questions because while MyWiT sells unlocked devices, not every device is compatible with every carrier. So the device you have your eye on may have compatibility issues. This is a huge consideration. If you have a current cell network plan, of course, this decision is critical since your refurbished device may not function with your existing carrier. But even if you don’t have a current cell plan, you may end up with a device that only works on a network that has limited coverage in your area or doesn’t offer plans or options you want.

So at MyWiT, selecting the phone that matches the network you prefer is essential.

Unlocked phones

When you purchase a phone from a specific carrier, it’s “locked” to the network for that carrier. MyWit, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of unlocked iPhone® and Android TM models. In theory, this means that you’re free to connect the refurbished phone you buy from MyWiT to the carrier of your choice. However, not every unlocked phone model is compatible with every network. Unlocked phones from MyWiT can be compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T, CDMA, MVNOs from AT&T such as Cricket, and CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint.


A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a smaller carrier and some function to provide prepaid services. Examples of MVNOs include Cricket WirelessTM, Credo Mobile TM, TingTM, or Red PocketTM and may be owned by larger carriers. For instance, Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T.

MyWiT offers a selection of Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X models that run on AT&T networks, including Cricket. Before you buy, you should check with your MVNO to ensure your device will work and to check SIM requirements. Some iPhones from MyWiT may require a new SIM card from your MVNO carrier.


Verizon phones run on the CDMA network. You can find a wide selection of Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X models as well as numerous Samsung Galaxy® S6, S7, S8, and S9 models that are compatible with the Verizon and CDMA network. Some newer iPhones may also support GSM network voice and data services, but data may be limited to 2G or 3G networks.


Like AT&T, T-Mobile phones run on the GSM network and require a SIM card. MyWiT offers a wide selection of Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, and S9 models that run on T-Mobile networks and MVNOs including Ting, MetroPCSTM, and PTelTM.


Sprint phones run on the CDMA network, and MyWiT sells a variety of Samsung Gallery S6, S7, S8, and S9 models that run on the Sprint network as well as Sprint MVNOs including Ting, Republic Wireless TM, and FreedomPopTM.

Get the right phone on the right network

Buying an unlocked, refurbished phone from MyWiT is a great way to get the phone you need, at a great value. The best way to find the one that’s right for you – at the right price, and on the network that’s compatible with your current carrier is to explore all the refurbished phones we have for sale – and we have hundreds and hundreds of them.

You’ll find a wide selection of Samsung Galaxy and iPhones at great prices. And every one of them shows compatibility between the phone and the carrier it works with, so with MyWiT you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. When you’re ready, justvisit You’re sure to find exactly what you want.

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