How to Make Money Selling Refurbished Phones

How to Make Money Selling Refurbished Phones

Mar 26th 2019

Making extra money on top of your regular income is always a plus. That kind of income goes a long way to helping to pay off credit cards or take that exotic vacation you've been dreaming about for so long. One of the best ways to see extra money come your way is through selling refurbished phones.

MyWiT® can help you get there. Our phones are of the best quality anywhere and we would love to partner with you. Because we sell phones in bulk, we can be your best bet when it comes to turning a profit in the refurbished cell phones market.

You can purchase used phones from places such as CraigslistTM, Amazon®, eBay®, Facebook® Marketplace and more, but you'll have to get the word out that you are a reseller and hope all your hard work pays off.

Sell Refurbished Phones the Right Way

Because the refurbished and used cell phone market is wide open, you want to ensure that your time doesn't become a big waste of time. For the latest and greatest in an Apple® iPhone® 7 or a Samsung® Galaxy® S6 or any other smartphone, you can trust our inventory to always deliver for you.

There are many places out there where you can buy refurbished cell phones in bulk, but knowing and trusting your partners is key to your success.

Just a few of the advantages to becoming a reseller with MyWiT include:

  • MyWiT is legit. Not everyone can say that. We are the one of the only companies that is certified by some OEMs to repair and refurbish their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Their requirements are pretty strict and we follow all of them.
  • Our refurbished phones are checked and rechecked. All of our inventory goes through two automated processes – we check batteries, screens, cameras, buttons, and more. That includes all devices; iOS, AndroidTM and everything else. Sixty-five sensors and functions are tested before we allow you to purchase a refurbished phone to resell.
  • Our engineers are top-rated. Automated systems are great but they don't solve every problem that a real human can. Every used phone for sale is put through a manual inspection by one of our technicians. We have the in-depth knowledge to help us process more than 12 million devices every year.
  • Great customer service is what we do. We’re committed to make everything as convenient and easy as can be for you.
  • We have the stellar reputation that will put you out in front every time. We’ve sold over a million devices and you can’t do that if you don’t sell quality.

Refurbished cell phones are just a part of what we do.See for yourself our MyWiT reviews and come on board with us. All the devices we move, whether tablets, fitness trackers, smartphones and more are priced just right. When you partner with us, you'll be the first to know about exclusive promotions and incoming inventory levels. Apply* to be a reseller of MyWiT devices and let the refurbished phone sales begin.

*Fill out the form on the resellers and businesses page to start the application process.

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*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.