Questions to Ask When You Buy Bulk Used Mobile Phones

Questions to Ask When You Buy Bulk Used Mobile Phones

Sep 9th 2018

If you’re looking to buy bulk used mobile phones, chances are you’re running a fairly successful business if you need that many phones. And, if you’re looking to buy used mobile phones that have been inspected & repaired (also known as refurbished), you’re probably pretty savvy too. You already know all the advantages of doing both – from the money you’ll save to the choice you’ll have.

Before you do anything else, be clear about exactly the kind of phone you want and the condition you expect it to be in. Because you’re going to find that the phones are not necessarily in the same condition across different sellers. You will want to make sure that you are buying bulk used phones that have been thoroughly inspected, wiped clean from data, and that the cosmetic appearance is up to par based on your needs.

As you start your research on the best suppliers of bulk used phones, you will want to ask the questions below in order to narrow down your search.

Does the seller offer unlocked as well as locked phones?

The difference between locked and unlocked phones is simple. A locked phone can only be used with a designated carrier. Depending on the model and the bands supported by a particular carrier, an unlocked phone can be used with any carrier you choose.

Unlocked phones offer several advantages when you buy used mobile phones in bulk. The first is that it can allow you to easily switch wireless carriers. Simply swap out the SIM card to get service on GSM phones. That can help you to stay nimble and jump on the best deals when they become available. It also comes in handy should any of your employees travel overseas with their GSM phone. With an unlocked GSM phone, it can be less expensive to use a local wireless service. All you do is replace the SIM card with one from a compatible local carrier. You have a new local number and can use the phone in country just like you’d use it at home.

How well do you know the seller?

A number of well-known retailers like Amazon® and Best Buy® sell both certified pre-owned and refurbished phones. But while you may know the company, you should check their policies and warranties when it comes to these used phones. MyWiT®, for instance, primarily sells refurbished phones, and their reputation rests on getting that right.

You could also buy used phones in bulk through sites like eBay® or Swappa®, but you have to be extremely careful. Because while the site may be reputable, you’re dealing with both individual sellers and companies. With individual sellers, your information is limited to how many transactions the seller has completed and how other buyers rated them.

If you do decide to buy through one of these sites, you should pay close attention to who the seller is, and seek out only those companies you know to be reliable and who only offer quality devices.

What condition are the phones in?

When you buy used mobile phones in bulk, it’s not practical to look at each phone before you buy. That’s why it’s important to buy through a reputable company offering the highest possible standards. As a rule, the phone’s screen should be your primary concern. Even the slightest chip or crack is an immediate deal-breaker. Because it often indicates other problems. Then, look for heavy dents or scuff marks, indicating it’s been dropped repeatedly. This can damage internal components. But a little cosmetic wear and tear like minor dents and scratches? That shouldn’t concern you, especially if the phone has been thoroughly tested and refurbished. In that case you’re getting a great value and will likely get years of use out of the phone.

What are you getting besides the phone?

Aside from the phone’s condition, you can learn a lot about the seller from the other items that come with it. If it comes in the original box or the reseller’s proprietary box, that’s a good sign that the phone isn’t stolen. If it comes with a case or a screen protector, then it’s probably in good physical shape as well. If you also get an OEM charger, then you’re getting a phone you can rely on.

What are the replacement/return offers?

Aside from offering the best phones, the most important thing a reseller can offer you is a solid return policy. Reputable resellers, especially companies that refurbish phones, do everything they can to make sure the phone is in good physical shape and performs as if it were new. But not all defects manifest themselves right away. Sometimes, there may be small defects or damage hidden in its circuits, and it might take a while for the hardware or software to malfunction. So, consider the return window and make a note of the last day you can return the phone, just in case. For example, MyWiT offers a 90-day money back promise return policy!

Overpricing problems

It doesn’t make sense to buy used mobile phones in bulk if you end up overpaying. Buying bulk used mobile phones should save you money. And while there’s frequently a variance in the price, you can get some idea by checking with reputable resellers like Amazon, Best Buy, and MyWiT. Be careful to compare apples to apples – look at comparable models in similar condition that have been refurbished. It can sometimes be easy to get confused and pay more than you should when you buy used mobile phones in bulk, so buy only from a trusted refurbished phone retailer like MyWiT, who’ll work to make sure you get the best deal.

What is the shipment policy?

This may seem minor, but done right even shipping your phones can save you money when you buy used mobile phones in bulk. Some resellers prefer to use their own shipping company, and that can cost you. You get charged full freight, and since the reseller has a long-term relationship with the shipping company, they pay a discounted rate. So, if a reseller allowed you to provide your own shipping, you could save even more.

What kind of tech support does the seller offer?

Some resellers offer a limited warranty, and once that time period runs out, you’re on your own. The MyWiT Resource Center was designed to help every buyer get the most out of their phone.

Buying in bulk with confidence

And there you have it. Not only can you save money when you buy refurbished phones from a reliable reseller, but you may be able to save even more when you buy those phones in bulk. And now that you know what to look out for, you also know the right questions to ask. While a used phone can be the cheapest option, buying refurbished phones can guarantee the functionality of the device. That way, you can make a more educated decision about the used phones you find available for sale, as well as the companies selling them. Getting a good value beats just getting a low price, and that’s the best way to get the most for your money.

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