The Best Place to Buy Refurbished iPhone Devices in Bulk

The Best Place to Buy Refurbished iPhone Devices in Bulk

Sep 7th 2018

The best place to buy refurbished iPhone® devices in bulk

Many of us tend to have a very personal relationship with our iPhone. But an iPhone that’s used for business is a very different device. Rather than a digital extension of our lives, a business iPhone is intended to perform very different tasks. It’s a tool for managing business relationships and making money.

So, what if you own a business and need to provide an affordable phone to your employees? What if you have a lot of employees? Do you really have the time to buy a brand-new phone for every employee? Can you really afford to buy a brand-new iPhone for every employee? Have you considered buying refurbished iPhones ? Have you considered the advantages you get when you buy iPhones in bulk? Have you considered the cost savings?

Advantages of buying refurbished bulk iPhone devices

As we said, if you need to supply your employees with iPhone devices you have two choices. Buying them new or buying them refurbished. And there are a whole lot of reasons why buying these refurbished phones make sense for business.

The first reason to consider is just how much wear and tear that iPhone is likely to encounter. This is a device that’s going to be moving constantly. All day. Every day. It’s going to get jostled, bounced around, dropped, even lost. Put that up against the fact that you may have ten or twenty or fifty employees out there with phones and you can easily image how costly it would be just to maintain them all, not to mention buy them all.

And that leads to our second point. The cost. Perhaps the greatest advantage to buying refurbished bulk iPhone devices is the cost. You’ll save two ways. The first, because the phone has already been used. That shouldn’t be a concern. A reputable retailer isn’t going to risk their reputation by selling bulk iPhone devices that don’t work properly. Because while these bulk iPhone devices can’t be sold as “new,” they’ve been professionally restored to function as if they were. A few retailers even provide a 90-day warranty. The second way you save, of course, is buying in volume. It’s worth it to a retailer to offer a lower price for each phone to a single customer who wants to take a couple dozen off their hands. So, the cost savings of buying refurbished bulk iPhone devices can be significant.

Retailers who sell bulk iPhonedevices

When people think of “refurbished” devices they too often think of damaged devices sold through sketchy online websites. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It might surprise you to know that some of the country’s most well-respected retailers sell refurbished bulk iPhone devices. The last thing they want to do is damage their brand’s reputation by allowing substandard devices to end up in a customer’s hands.

In fact, you may well recognize the name of this first retailer that sells an awful lot of refurbished bulk iPhone devices.


That’s right. Apple sells refurbished bulk iPhone devices. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Many iPhone users trade in their device every time a new iPhone is released. As a result, thousands of gently used iPhones get returned to Apple every week. So, Apple assesses every phone that’s returned and refurbishes the best of them to their original factory settings. What’s more, every refurbished iPhone they sell is certified and protected with a one-year warranty. Each one even comes with a new charger, ear buds, and a new battery. It even comes in a new white box, just like a brand-new iPhone.

Best Buy®

Best Buy works closely with Apple, so they’re well qualified to refurbish older model iPhone devices. And other than the very latest iPhone models like 8 or X, Best Buy offers refurbished iPhone 6 and 7. These pre-owned models vary in condition, ranging from those in excellent condition with little or no wear to those with a few small blemishes. Since there are far more Best Buy locations than Apple stores, Best Buy could be an option if you’re considering buying bulk iPhone devices.


Web-savvy buyers may want to consider buying bulk iPhone devices from Gazelle. Begun in 2007, Gazelle is an online marketplace that buys and sells used iPhone devices and other devices. Gazelle inspects and certifies each device it buys, then resells them to the public. And each device comes with a 30-day return policy. Gazelle does not refurbish or warranty the devices.

MyWiT ®

Another resource for buying refurbished iPhone devices in bulk is MyWiT. As one of the country’s largest and most respected retailers of refurbished phones, MyWiT offers some of the best phones and best deals, especially on bulk iPhone phones.

MyWiT offers the best deal forrefurbished bulk iPhone devices

If you’re looking for the best refurbished bulk iPhone devices, buying them from MyWiT may be a great option to consider. MyWiT puts every device through a 65+ point inspection to ensure your business gets the very highest quality, gently used phones available. We even offer a 90-day Money Back Promise, so you know we stand behind our work. You won’t find that with all the other companies that sell refurbished phones.

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