The Best Tablets for Kids

The Best Tablets for Kids

Mar 23rd 2019

The 6 best tablets for kids in 2019

Put any kid and a tablet in the same room, and that child will be quiet for hours. It’s the best sound you never heard. And perhaps even better, with so much kid-friendly content and apps out there, a tablet can be both entertaining and educational. So it’s easy to see why parents love them as much as kids do.

But not all tablets are created equal, and not all tablets are best for kids. There are even some tablets that have been designed and programmed exclusively for kids. So, whether you want to buy a single tablet for your child, or you need to buy bulk tablets to donate them to a school or other organization, it pays to know what to look for as well as the pros and cons of the best ones out there.

It’s best to make sure the tablet is age appropriate

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a tablet for a child that you wouldn’t normally have to consider. The first and most obvious is size. While a regular 10-inch tablet might be best for an older child of say, 8 or 9, a child of 3 or 4 might have difficulty holding it with their much smaller hands. Both LeapFrog® and VTech® make tablets specifically designed for children under the age of 6, with ergonomically designed frames that make it easy to hold, and soft bumpers to protect against dropping.

As your child grows, he or she is going to want a tablet that feels more grown up. At that point design becomes less of a consideration. So you’ll want to make sure the tablet still offers the best selection of games and educational apps.

What to look for

As any parent knows, you can’t watch a child 24 hours a day. But you can still keep them safe. That’s especially important when your child is using a device connected to the internet.

Many tablets allow parents to either block internet access or turn on a “safe” mode that’s the best way to block restricted games and content. Other tablets come pre-loaded with apps and games that are appropriate for kids. Unfortunately, tablets like LeapFrog, while reassuringly safe might be frustrating for kids since it doesn’t offer the same games or apps as AndroidTM or iPad®.

The best tablets out there

Now that we know what to look for when it comes to the basics – design, safety, available apps and games, let’s take a look at the tablet brands and models available for kids.

Leapfrog AcademyTM edition tablet

PRO: There’s an educational feature to almost everything on the tablet NEED TO KNOW: You need a paid subscription to access some content

LeapFrog is the tablet made just for young children. It features a shatter-safe LCD screen and protective bumper, ideal for the occasional tantrum. Parents can breathe easy knowing parental controls let them set limits. Plus, the tablet adapts as the child learns by adjusting skill levels on games and apps, so it’s always a challenge. It comes pre-loaded with countless books, games, puzzles, videos, and music, all centered around school subjects like spelling, reading, writing, and science to inspire creativity, problem solving, and social skills. For $7.99 a month, parents of children aged 3 to 6 can also subscribe to the LeapFrog Academy, a special virtual world where a child can grow every day.

Vtech® InnoTab Max

PRO: Specifically designed to help educate kids aged 3 to 9 NEED TO KNOW: Can be slow to load

InnoTab MAX is unique among kids’ tablets with its unique combination of educator-supported learning library and carefully selected educational Android apps. The VTech includes a wide selection of new features, including a dazzling high-resolution display, kid-safe Wi-fi and Android OS inside a tough, kid-proof cover. Also, it offers hundreds of hand-picked Android learning apps among its enormous library of 650 age-appropriate apps, all perfect for kids of any age. Kids can use it to explore online games, videos and websites that have been preselected by VTech or parent-approved. Finally, the VTech KidiConnect™ app lets kids exchange text and voice messages, photos, drawings and fun stickers with smart phones.

Amazon Fire® HD Kids Edition Tablet

PRO: Offers accidental damage protection NEED TO KNOW: Camera quality may not be up to the level of other tablets

This Kids Edition of the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is an affordable, capable device that’s built to stand up to kids. It also features a vibrant 8-inch display with incredibly high video playback standard, dual cameras, and a ton of kid-friendly content, available through a one-year Fire for Kids subscription that’s included. That’s where parents and kids will find a wide selection of books, videos, games, and educational apps. Parents can also rest easy knowing it’s protected by a foam case, a 2-year warranty, and robust parental controls.

Apple® iPad®

PRO: Features one of the most intuitive and easiest to use user interfaces NEED TO KNOW: Parental controls have to be put in place on your own and you cannot use multiple accounts

What can be said about the iPad that hasn’t already been said? The iPad, of course, sets the standard for what a tablet should be with an incredibly powerful and fast processor, best OS, tons of RAM, gorgeous retina display and long-lasting 10-hour battery. Now the latest models also include an even faster CPU and a pencil accessory so you can quickly jot down notes or sketches by hand. Now, when it comes to kids, the iPad doesn’t offer a specific subscription service for kids. But the App Store does offer a wide selection of apps, games, and educational content. And, it does allow settings that allow parents to restrict access to explicit content and prevent some app purchases. The iPad also allows parents to set a daily time limit for games, social media, or entertainment. When time runs out, the iPad blocks access to those apps until the following day. You also can find a wide selection of cases to protect it from damage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab® A 8

PRO: 14-hour battery life can stand up to even the most dedicated gamer NEED TO KNOW: Bixby voice assistant needs some work to be on par with Siri, Alexa, or Google AssistantTM

The Samsung Galaxy is a tablet your kids can really grow into. First of all, it’s a fully functional and powerful tablet, that’s powered by Android. It also comes with the Google PlayTM Store, so teens will love that. And with its monthly “Samsung Kids®” subscription service, younger children between 3 and 8 will also find what they want in its enormous library of kid-friendly and educational books, games, and videos. Finally, with its parental monitoring feature and tough metal frame that protects the screen from shattering, parents will also find plenty to love about the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Lenovo® Tab 4 Tablet

PRO: Offers an affordable option for teens NEED TO KNOW: "Kid's Pack" screen protector and bumper case are an additional cost

The Lenovo Tab 4 is a kid-friendly tablet that runs Android's newer Nougat operating system. The other good news? It may also be easy on your wallet. Whether you choose the 8-inch or the 10-inch model, it comes equipped with everything that makes a great tablet, including an eye-popping 1280x800 resolution screen, front-facing Dolby® speakers perfect for watching videos, and a battery that lasts up to 14 hours. The all-glass body is similar to the early iPhones, which look great, but is probably best for older kids who can be trusted not to drop it. However, Lenovo also sells a “Kid’s Pack” that includes a screen protector and a shock-resistant bumper case to protect it from the inevitable scuffs, scratches, and loose fingers. But, while you can install parental controls, it does come with Google Play Store pre-installed, so kids may be able to get their hands on content you’d rather they didn’t.

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