Top 3 Electronics to Never Buy New for Your Children

Top 3 Electronics to Never Buy New for Your Children

Jul 6th 2018

Let’s face it: Kids don’t always have the best track record when it comes to electronics and keeping them in tip-top shape. There’s a good chance that if you buy a new phone, smartwatch, or tablet for your child, you might find it dirty, broken, or lost. With that in mind, it might be better to buy refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches instead. 

With a refurbished iPad®, a refurbished Apple® Watch, or a refurbished smartwatch, you’ll get the same quality devices for a better value. It’s a whole lot easier to rationalize buying refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches for your children rather than paying full price for a device.

Here are the top three devices you do not need to buy brand new for your children.


It’ll only be a matter of time until your child starts begging for a smartphone, and it makes sense to opt for refurbished phones instead of new phones—and MyWiT® has plenty of refurbished phones for sale. 


A new, full-priced smartphone could run you upwards of $800, which is quite a steep price to pay to risk having your child ruin or lose it. That’s why refurbished phones would be your best bet. You can find refurbished phones for sale through MyWiT, where you’re guaranteed to get quality, reliable, refurbished phones. 


Smartphones can be broken very easily—simply dropping one on the ground may lead to the entire screen breaking and could then lead to some unseen damage regarding the phone’s software and internal hardware. With refurbished phones, you can rest easier knowing that if they are broken, then you at least got a bargain. These refurbished phones have almost the same features as full-priced phones, so you’re not compromising much by not buying a new smartphone. 


Kids love refurbished tablets. Whether they’re using them to watch their favorite show or movie, playing a game, or just browsing the web, there are many features of refurbished tablets that make them great for children. The tablets’ larger screens make them better for using various forms of media and are much more accessible for kids too. 


Again, the price is the best selling point of refurbished tablets. With refurbished tablets, you’ll save a bundle of money compared to the new models. While you’re not getting a brand new device, refurbished tablets are often only a model or two behind the newest releases, such as the latest refurbished iPad. Oftentimes, there isn’t much of a difference between models. This means you’re almost always able to do the same things with your refurbished tablets. 


Like refurbished phones, refurbished tablets are prone to software and hardware damage if dropped. And unfortunately, a child may accidentally drop his refurbished tablet, so you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’ve dropped hundreds of dollars more than you need to ultimately end up with a broken product. 


Refurbished smartwatches are the best smartwatch to buy. Whether you want a refurbished Apple Watch or a refurbished Samsung® Smartwatch, you can do a lot with your refurbished smartwatches. They can connect to your refurbished phones or refurbished tablets, and you’ll have the ease of technology literally right on your wrist.

Refurbished smartwatches are a fun and unique toy, but not one you want to give your child without considering the aspects of cost. And MyWiT has plenty of smartwatches on sale for you to consider. 


A new smartwatch can cost you several hundred dollars, so it’s worthwhile to get a refurbished smartwatch if you’re considering buying one for your child. There are no drastic feature changes between models of refurbished smartwatches— like with refurbished phones or refurbished tablets. These refurbished smartwatches will allow almost the same experience as a new smartwatch, too. 


If you aren’t mindful of the refurbished smartwatch, you may accidentally clip a corner or knock it on a tabletop. In the same way that you probably wouldn’t trust your child with an antique wristwatch, you’d want to similarly find smartwatches for sale that’ll be able to withstand a child’s handling.


You can’t blame your kids for not knowing how to care properly for electronics—it’s a skill that requires a certain amount of patience, and it’s something they’ll learn after some trial and error. But rather than having that trial and error be on a new device, you might want to check out MyWiT’s refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches. 

MyWiT guarantees quality and reliability with its collection of refurbished phones for sale, refurbished tablets for sale, and refurbished smartwatches for sale. Their team of expert technicians ensure that their refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches are in full working order and will be comparable to the new models. MyWiT Kids are the same refurbished phones, refurbished tablets, and refurbished smartwatches with a few dings and scratches—but the price is worth your while.

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