When a Smartphone is Refurbished What Does that Entail?

When a Smartphone is Refurbished What Does that Entail?

Aug 3rd 2019

Whether you are looking for a phone for personal use or you are a reseller, we’re guessing that you already know that refurbished phones are a great way of getting great tech at more affordable prices. But what actually happens when a phone is refurbished?

With a refurbished phone, you’re getting the phone you want at a great price and you know that it's been professionally and thoroughly inspected. And it’s worth a reminder here that refurbished phones are not the same as “used” or “second-hand” phones.

At MyWiT®, we put all of our refurbished products through a 65+ point inspection. We’re so confident in our industry-leading inspection and restoration process that we provide a full refund within 30 days of purchase in most circumstances.

Our quality process for refurbishing phones is outlined below.

Grading and Quality inspection

Each device is inspected and graded for cosmetic appearance by our highly trained technicians. Our grading system is useful and easy to understand:

  • New: These devices are new and either come in their own original packaging or will be repacked into one of our own boxes (which technically makes it “like new”). Many of these come from people who bought the device, changed their mind, and took it back to the store. Retailers, however, can’t sell the opened stock.
  • Flawless: Just that. In mint condition. They’ve passed our inspection with the highest of marks and have either not been used much or were treated very well by their previous users.
  • Out of Sight: With very little or no signs of wear and tear, these devices have achieved very high marks and have no scratches or dents.
  • Up to Snuff: These phones are ready for another loving owner. They are in good condition and offer our buyers excellent devices at even better value.

Click here for more details on our grading system.

Our 65+ point functionality test

Only about one out of every four pre-owned devices that MyWiT receives passes our thorough inspection process! Every device is subjected to a rigorous, industry-leading inspection. We only approve devices that are 100 percent functional.

The next step is to wipe the device with an ‘Operating System Reflash.’ This removes any data and restores all major manufactured devices to their original factory settings.

Quality Review Test

Our technicians, trained and skilled in refurbishment, carry out a multi-step process to test and examine all internal and external functions. This process complies with the ISO:9001 international standard quality control process. We aim to improve continuously. And we ensure that our repair process is top notch. The process includes testing things like buttons, battery condition, slots, such as the sim card slot, and the screen.

If we detect an issue with the phone or tablet, we restore it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ve built strong relationships with major OEMs and are approved to perform up to Level 3 repairs on most electronic devices.

Our highly developed repair process provides a high level of quality assurance and data security. We can provide a trusted and safe product for the customer, using OEM parts.

Pack, Kit, and Shipping

Finally, we buff, clean, and pack devices neatly and safely.  They are then stored carefully, ready to be shipped to their new owner.

Refurbishing, therefore, is a rigorous process that makes these devices more than just used or second-hand phones and tablets. For an excellent deal on price, functional products, and peace of mind, refurbished devices can make a fantastic choice.

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