When’s the Right Time to Buy Cell Phones for Kids?

When’s the Right Time to Buy Cell Phones for Kids?

Aug 7th 2017

In present day society, it’s pretty much expected that everyone has a cell phone and is accessible at any time of any day. But should that extend to our children, and if so, when is the best time to buy a phone for kids?

  According to WebMD, a 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported, “Most teens—85% of those aged 14 to 17—have cell phones. So do 69% of 11–14 year olds and 31% of kids aged 8–10.” And being that this was seven years ago, usage has only increased as more phones for kids are purchased.

 Additionally, Influence Central reported in 2016 that the average age for a child to get their phone is 10.3 years old with 39% of kids venturing onto social media for the first time on average at 11.4 years old.

 Here are some commonly considered aspects to keep in mind when buying phones for kids.

Benefits of Buying Cell Phones for Kids


 There’s a difference between a child borrowing their parent’s device so they can play a game while waiting for a meal at a restaurant and buying a phone for kids. And perhaps one of the most obvious uses of a cell phone is that it puts anyone we need or want to contact in a place where they’re easily accessible. It’s easy to imagine this is a main motivation for many parents to get phones for kids!

 Whether they’re stuck late at a sports practice or club event, are hanging out with a friend after school, or perhaps are just homesick at sleepaway camp, it’s reassuring for both parent and child to know that they’re just a few buttons away from a quick correspondence. A cell phone can serve as the ultimate peace of mind.

 In addition to that, it makes co-parenting situations easier to handle for the parent that isn’t there. Phones for kids are a great way to quickly check in, and it makes for smoother pick-ups and drop-offs through the aid of a quick text.


 While the Internet and having constant access to it has become commonplace for many of us, it’s still unnerving for a parent when they extend that type of freedom to their child for the first time after deciding to buy cell phones for kids. Luckily, the advent of GPS trackers have made it easy to know your child’s exact location, and phones that are compatible with those types of apps help point parents in the right direction for the best phone for kids.

 Implementing a GPS tracker in phones for kids can help reduce a parent’s worry (but not their displeasure) over a kid who’s missed curfew or who was supposed to be home after an activity at a certain time. According to Influence Central’s report, after buying a phone for kids, “While not many parents have embraced the ability to use Smartphones’ GPS capabilities to track down their kids, the number who has used this function doubled from 7% in 2012 to 15% in 2016.”

 While it’s reassuring to know where your child is physically, many parents also survey their digital lives through the cell phones for kids. Through site reviews, recommendations from friends, and by approving content beforehand, a parent is able to ensure that their child is engaging with content they approve of. In fact, according to The Digital Center’s 2013 study, 70% of parents monitor what their child is doing on social media.

MyWiT Kids Benefits

 Let’s face it: Kids can be clumsy, messy, and may be more likely to lose a phone than an adult—especially since the cost isn’t exactly coming out of their paychecks!

 So, what’s the best cell phone for kids? MyWiT Kids makes it easy for parents to get a reasonably priced refurbished phone for kids. In the same way that a parent would tend to purchase a used car for their kid’s first car, a refurbished phone makes sense as they “test drive” their new device. It’s a fantastic resource for any parent looking to get cell phones for kids.

 MyWiT ensures that all its cell phones—as well as its other products—meet manufacturer guidelines and has all devices reviewed by its team of seasoned technicians at its own repair facility. And rather than paying full price for a brand new phone, parents can get the same quality at a discounted rate, which can be one less financial stressor.

 MyWiT Kids is a practical resource for parents who are interested in helping their children take on more responsibility by buying a phone for kids while wanting to monitor them and ensure that they’re proceeding in a safe and reliable manner. Plus, it’s an option that your wallet will also appreciate!

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