Why a Smartwatch Makes a Great Fitness Tracker

Why a Smartwatch Makes a Great Fitness Tracker

Sep 5th 2019

Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose a few pounds, fitness trackers can help monitor how active you’ve been through the day, your heart rate, and sleep quality. And, with some basic personal information, they can estimate the calories you’ve burned.

A smartwatch has some advantages over a fitness tracker, because they offer a wealth of advanced applications. Fitness trackers miss out on a world of apps and features that a more advanced smartwatch can handle, in addition to providing the functions of a fitness tracker.

The Benefits of Using a Smartwatch as a Fitness Tracker

A smartwatch can do it all. It can display emails and messages, make and receive calls, and help you navigate. It can do all these things in addition to the features you’d expect from a dedicated fitness tracker.

Smartwatches have improved in the accuracy of the sensors. They feature more accurate sleep and heart monitors and pedometers to help you plan and measure your health and wellbeing.

The huge variety of apps available for smartwatches means you can not only track your fitness, but also record your calorie consumption, scan nutritional advice and look it up in the supermarket aisle, or record it to monitor your daily consumption.

What about sports and water-based activities?

Resilience is no longer a weakness of smartphones. The latest Apple® WatchTM and Apple Watch SportTM versions are water-resistant to IPX7. This means that you can safely exercise and wear these devices in wet conditions. You don’t have to worry about rain. Series 2, 3, and 4 have a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters underwater. While they aren’t meant for scuba diving or water sports, neither are the vast majority of fitness trackers.

What about the price of smartphones compared to fitness trackers?

At the low end, a fitness tracker is going to be cheap, but all you’ll get is a simple device that is good for one or two things. It may track heart rate and sleep. It may provide calorie estimates. At the top end, specialized trackers, such as those designed for mountaineering or water sports enthusiasts, are relatively expensive, but designed for these specific uses. In the mid-high range, however, we think that you might be better off with a smartwatch.

Consider all that functionality that smartwatches can provide. Then consider their fantastic value. Refurbished smartwatches provide even better value against the original retail price. A major reseller, such as MyWiT®, will be able to sell you refurbished products you want at prices you can afford.

We know that stock can go quickly, so be sure to pick up a smartwatch when you see the one you want! We can help you buy a smartwatch that performs all the functions of a fitness tracker and much, much more.

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