Why You Should Go with a Refurbished Phone

Why You Should Go with a Refurbished Phone

Jul 31st 2019

There are many advantages to buying phones refurbished, whether you are a private consumer, or you want to resell devices in a phone shop or online store. Here are the key reasons why you should go with a refurbished phone for your next purchase.

Used is not refurbished

When an item is sold as used, you're generally buying a second-hand phone with no quality guarantee or repairs to existing damage. You are not likely to be provided with buyer protection. Any buyer protection provided will be limited. This might be a 28-day warranty from the seller, or the buyer protection programs included in online marketplaces such as eBay™. If you buy through an online ad or private selling marketplace like Swappa, you're unlikely to find any buyer protection. Perhaps this is an acceptable risk for individual consumers purchasing single devices. If you're a reseller, however, the risk involved is much higher. 

Advantages of the MyWiT® approach for resellers

Buying and selling used phones means buying unknown stock with very little confidence in its condition or functionality. You may have the expertise to check and repair your inventory, but once you start to scale, it'll be difficult to keep the quality assurance up-to-standard. MyWit can assure you of quality products and is certified by some OEM's to repair and refurbish their phones, tablets, and other electronics.

Refurbished phones from MyWiT

By taking advantage of our reseller program to resell refurbished phones, you're making a safer, wiser approach. We grade every device we receive, clean it, and check it thoroughly with our 65+ point inspection, which is carried out by experienced and qualified engineers. The grading and quality inspection process at MyWiT starts with a cosmetic evaluation, during which we grade devices based on how worn they appear. Then we get under the skin with a 65+ point functionality test. Only 1 in every 5 of the pre-owned devices we receive passes this process! 

 We then carry out a data reflash to remove data and repair anything that needs fixing with original OEM parts. This process complies with the ISO:9001 standard quality control process and includes testing buttons, battery conditions, slots like the SIM card slot, and the screen.

How to Sign-up to Resell Refurbished Phones

If you buy phones elsewhere, you may risk selling a poorer quality product to your consumers and a return. By signing up for the reseller program at MyWiT, you sell refurbished devices, which means that they are properly tested, repaired, cleaned, and working. We'd love to welcome you on board our reseller program. Learn more about the program and sign up here.

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