You Decided You Want to Buy a Used Smartphone, But Don't Know What to Look For

You Decided You Want to Buy a Used Smartphone, But Don't Know What to Look For

May 18th 2018

So, you’ve decided that, moving forward, you’d like to buy a used phone rather than purchase it from the manufacturer. But it can be difficult to know where to start when looking at refurbished Android® phones, refurbished Samsung® phones, and refurbished iPhone® models. There are a lot of options, and frankly, there can be some questionable used phones out there.

 Using the below information can help you on your journey to finding the perfect used phone for your needs.

Locked vs. Unlocked Used Phones

You may have heard about locked and unlocked used smartphones, but do you know the true difference between them?

 A locked phone is one that will work only with a specific carrier, such as a phone that has an AT&T® SIM card. An unlocked phone is compatible with any type of SIM card from any carrier. Depending on the carrier, refurbished iPhones, refurbished Samsung phones, and refurbished Android phones may or may not have SIM cards.

 To take it a step further, there are GSM unlocked phones and CDMA unlocked phones.

 Global System for Mobiles (GSM) are a bit easier to use since users can keep the information on SIM cards, which are removable and can be easily put in other used phones. It also provides freedom from a specific carrier since you can have a GSM unlocked iPhone or an unlocked GSM Android phone and use any carrier and not have to worry about device compatibility.

 CDMA unlocked phones (Code Division Multiple Access) are network-based, which means you can only use iPhones, Android phones, and Samsung phones that are compatible with the carrier. The used phones need to be approved by the carrier in order for them to work.

Operating System

There are various operating systems available through refurbished Android phones, refurbished Samsung phones, and the refurbished iPhone devices. Depending on your preferences, the operating system can be a major consideration for your refurbished cell phone needs.

Refurbished iPhone Operating Systems

The operating system found on refurbished iPhone devices is called iOS®, and it runs all iPhones, iPads®, and other Apple® products. One of the most lauded features of iOS is that each app is protected from other apps, which makes it virtually impossible to get viruses on your refurbished iPhone and other Apple products. And it doesn’t limit app usage because your refurbished iPhone will ask your permission to communicate across apps. The refurbished iPhone is a highly praised device, and its iOS is a large contributing factor to that.

Refurbished Android Phones’ Operating System

The Android OS on refurbished Android phones is most notable for allowing users to customize it as they see fit. It has plenty of options for widgets and personalization, which can make your refurbished Android phone feel more like yours. The operating system for refurbished Android phones also doesn’t need to sync with a PC to store data, music, images, etc.

Refurbished Samsung Phones’ Operating System

Refurbished Samsung phones use an operating system called Tizen®, which is a Linux-based system (similar to what is used with refurbished Android phones) created by Samsung and Intel®. It’s a lightweight, fast moving operating system for your refurbished Samsung phone. It has smooth web browsing and great effects on 3D games, which is definitely one of the biggest perks for choosing refurbished Samsung phones.

Prices of Used Smartphones

One of the best aspects of used phones is that they come at a cheaper price than a phone from the manufacturer or retailer. Plus, you’re not compromising on quality—refurbished Android phones, refurbished Samsung phones, and refurbished iPhones through MyWiT® are guaranteed to be in full-working order as if you had bought them directly from the source. They come at a lower cost since they’re used phones and may have some signs of wear and tear on the exterior.

Refurbished Phones with a Solid Return Policy or Warranty

If you’re purchasing used phones, you might want to check out the return policy as well. Refurbished phones with a solid return policy or a warranty are absolutely better than used phones, especially because you never know what may end up happening with your refurbished iPhone, refurbished Android phone, or refurbished Samsung phone.

 MyWiT offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with its refurbished Android phones, refurbished Samsung phones, and refurbished iPhone collection. Of course, MyWiT would prefer its customers to always be satisfied with their used phones, but if you aren’t pleased with your device, then take comfort in knowing that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Inspection Process with Used Phones

When shopping around for the right used phone for you, you should ensure that you’re getting a quality, reliable device, such as the refurbished iPhone models, refurbished Samsung phones, and refurbished Android phones available through MyWiT. MyWiT puts an emphasis on selling quality used smartphones, and that means the refurbished phones are all inspected rigorously by their trained expert technicians. The processes are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and carrier certified for all used phones. The refurbished iPhone models, refurbished Samsung phones, and refurbished Android phones are cleaned, inspected, and repaired as needed.

 It’s necessary to do your research when looking for used phones that fit your needs. In doing so, you’ll find that MyWiT is a leader in the refurbished cell phones world.

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